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Winter Musings
October 1, 2006

As Canadians begin to plant their spring bulbs, and then tidy up and put their gardens to rest for another season, perhaps the words of world renowned gardener Vita Sackville-West will provide inspirational winter musings.

“Gardening is a luxury occupation; an ornament, not a necessity, of life. The farmer is not at all concerned with the eventual beauty of his corn as a feature in the landscape, though, indeed, he gets a certain satisfaction out of it, as he leans against his gate on a summer evening, and sees his acres gently curving to the breeze. Still, beauty is not his primary aim; the gardener’s is. Fortunate gardener, who may preoccupy herself solely with beauty in these difficult and ugly days! She is one of the few people left in this distressful world to carry on the tradition of elegance and charm. A useless member of society, considered in terms of economics, she must not be denied her rightful place. She deserves to share it, however humbly, with the painter and the poet.”

Vita Sackville-West, ‘October’ from Country Notes


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