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Primula sieboldii
by Barry Glick
by Barry Glick


Barry Glick has been involved in the plant world since 1954, when at the young, impressionable age of 5, he witnessed Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard on TV) put a cutting of a plant in a glass of water only to sprout roots a few shows later. Barry replicated the experiment with his one of his mother's prized Coleus plants, and as he watched the roots grow, knew that he was hooked for life.

Barry owns Sunshine Farm & Gardens in West Virginia - Zone 5

October 1, 2006

Well they always told me not to eat yellow snow, but nobody ever mentioned pink? Of course I'm not really talking about snow, I'm talking about a selection of Primula sieboldii that I've made and have finally built enough stock of to offer you some to grow in your garden. I present Primula sieboldii 'Pink Snowflake' to you for your enjoyment.

In case you're among the uninitiated, Primula sieboldii is one of those perennial plants that can be grown by just about anyone, just about anywhere. In my zone 5 garden, it's equally as happy in full sun as it is in full shade.

Many perennial gardeners have been discouraged from growing Primroses because the first one that they tried was the annual pot plant Primrose, Primula obconica. The fact is that most Primula species are very perennial.

In Japan, where it's native, Primula sieboldii has reached cult status. They've been growing and hybridizing Primula sieboldii for over 400 years and have selected over 500 forms. Paul Held in Connecticut has formed a society for American gardeners that have become enamored with this plant, the American Sakurasoh Association. Their website is -

A fellow plantsman, Masashi Yamaguchi in Japan, has put together a tribute to Primula sieboldii at In fact his entire website is fascinating -

You can see another image of 'Pink Snowflake' in my garden at -

As I've said, I finally have produced an abundant crop of this plant and have been selling them for $10.00 each plus shipping in 2" treeband pots. I know that they'll be happy in your garden and would love to share a few with you. If you'd like, I can tuck 6 of them nicely into a box and send them right off to you. Just send me a check for $50.00 along with your street address. Do the math and you'll notice that you're actually getting the 6th plant for free and we're paying the shipping charges.

Ohhhhhhh.......... I forgot to mention that Primroses are deerproof!

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