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Hope in Bloom Tulips Celebrate

Pope John Paul II
by Press Release
September 4, 2005

Pope John Paul II was one of the most vigorous, well-traveled popes in history. But in his last years, Parkinson’s disease made him frail and weak.

-, April 2005

People with Parkinson's often experience muscle rigidity, trembling, difficulty walking, and problems with balance and coordination. There is no cure for this progressive neurological disorder.

Buying Hope in Bloom Tulip Bulbs raises awareness, education and advocacy for Parkinson Disease. Buying bulbs also helps support care. For only five dollars get a bag of 10 bulbs. Plant them before the frost hits for your spring bloom – celebrate the Pope’s life with tulips of hope. To commemorate the Pope’s anniversary with Hope in Bloom Tulips call 1-800-565-3000 to get involved visit or

Only available from mid-September until the end of October!

Three bulb varieties are on offer: Lucky Strike, a vibrant red with white tips, Yokohama, a brilliant yellow with a hint of fragrance and White Emperor, a pure white. All grow to a height of 14-18" and are excellent for landscaping and use as cut-flowers.

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