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September 29, 2005
September 29, 2005

The companies you see on our home page and our ICanShop page are sponsors of our site ... we are proud that they see value in being a part of our site and are in it for the long haul like we are. They continue to bring you excellent products and behind every company are great people that we know and trust. We are also very proud in the fact that there is nothing but garden related banners on our site ... we are foremost a garden resource site and that is all you will ever see.

You can buy with confidence .. I have used a good number of products from each of these companies and have heard from many other gardeners who have also raved about their products. I will be showcasing at least one of the items they carry to help you get to know them a bit better. We would love to hear your feedback on either the product or the company.

Our Sponsors

Myke Premier Pro-Mix Doktor Doom
One of the indisputable advantages of using MYKE. It is the capacity of the plant's nutrient intake, especially with phosphorous that helps develop and expand the root surface making it possible to reduce by more than 50% the use of chemical fertilizers. Safe gardening? It's now possible and becomes essential with MYKE.

MYKE now gives you the opportunity to garden without worrying about what your handling and putting in the soil while obtaining spectacular results.
Our products contain no human waste or animal meal but only natural ingredients that are environment friendly.

Visit their site to see how you can get a FIVE YEAR Warranty - It's so simple . with MYKE TREE AND SHRUB GROWTH SUPPLEMENT.

PRO-MIX Ultimate Seeding Mix is the ultimate peat-based growing mix for germinating seeds. Formulated with quality horticultural ingredients for growing a wide range of plant species. This FINE-GRADE PROFESSIONAL FORMULA contains an exclusive, biological GROWTH ENHANCER, MYCORISER, which promotes plant growth and increases yields. This combination provides easier plant-care than standard seed-starters and results in improved seedling performance.

Discover the PRO-MIX Gardening Experience with Ultimate Quality Growing Mixes. Each PRO-MIX mix is formulated to ensure optimal growth and minimal plant maintenance. Seeding Mix, Potting Mix, Container Mix, Landscaping and Organic Mix - try them and you won't buy anything else!

What's Bugging You? Insect life is largely dependant on climate conditions, which is why different types of insects are found in different geographical regions. Sometimes, a bug which poses a health hazard in one region does not pose a threat to another region.

Their site has recently been updated so take the time to go through it to update yourself for next year. They have a brand new Odorless Foam Mosquito Repellent that is great!


Your Supplier for Seeds

Your Supplier of Greenhouses

Your Supplier for Garden Decor

Stoke Seeds

B.C.  Greenhouse  Builders

The Copper Leaf Garden Store
Although Stokes is still a principal supplier of commercial truck farmers and greenhouse growers in Canada and Northeastern U.S.A., they have attracted more than 240,000 home gardeners as loyal customers, who appreciate "the same seed as the professionals use", at reasonable prices from the over 3,000 varieties offered. They issue three regional catalogs free of charge-a Canadian, American and French version for French speaking Canada. The prices are straightforward, (the more you buy, the better the price), so that home gardeners and growers may choose a packet or 1,000 pounds of seed from the same book.

Fill out their subscription form to receive a copy of their free newsletter delivered directly to your e-mailbox. You will then be kept up to date with the latest in new varieties and specials.


Quality greenhouse kits and greenhouses for home and commercial use.
Greenhouses to suit every budget, climate and crop - from B.C. Greenhouse Builders, the leading manufacturer of glass or polycarbonate greenhouses and greenhouse kits. Owned by Henry and Greta Heinen, what sets B.C.
Greenhouses apart is the high engineering standards they use to provide structural strength in the greenhouse design. This structural strength was required to support hanging baskets, lighting and shelving and withstand all climatic conditions. The B.C. Greenhouse structure is further unique because of its modular and adaptable design. "The Gardeners' Choice since 1951"



Established in 1996 by graduates of the prestigious Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture, The Copper Leaf Garden Store has gained critical acclaim, including Gardening Life Magazine’s pick of the Top-10 best garden shops in Canada.

The Copper Leaf offers a fully secure online store stocked with exciting garden ornaments – some whimsical, some practical – all backed by our satisfaction guarantee and toll-free customer service.

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Of course, don't forget all those great magazines and books we have listed in our bookshelf - why not get a gift subscription for you and a friend this year. You have a great choice right across Canada, from the East Coast Gardener to Gardens West, we have them all.

That's a start, now visit these great people and support them!

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