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by Barb Foster
by Barb Foster


Inspired to nuture, Barb Foster took up gardening over a decade ago. She has a particular passion for this areas hardy perennials.

Barb collects her own seeds, grows seedlings in a greenhouse and has 500 sq ft of growing beds plus numerous perennial flower beds in her Zone 1b garden in Chetwynd, B.C.

Barb writes weekly for the Chetwynd Echo.

May 1, 2005

As I watch the slow melt of the ice in my garden pond. I'm thinking (since few of us have the benefit of a natural spring fed pond in our garden) perhaps other gardeners might like to enjoy this simple pleasure of spring.

A water garden is not all that difficult to construct or maintain. The design and construction of ones own pond, allows one the added satisfaction of letting loose their own creative imagination.

Herein follows just a few guide lines and suggestions.

A water garden could be a large cement pond, or as simple as a dish or garbage can buried to its rim, or a half barrel set on the deck. The pond could be formal or informal, your choice! In a small pond a daily topping up of fresh water and a siphon could alleviate the necessity of pipes and pumps.

When choosing a site, keep in mind the pond needs a level site.

Most water plants need sunlight and at least 18 inches of water, and fish will require at least 20 inches of water depth.

Overhanging trees may contaminate the water with falling leaves.

Consider pool safety, toddlers and pets can be protected from the water and at the same time fish and plants can be protected from wildlife, by placing a screen (secured to a pipe framework) on brick or stone just below the water surface.

Be sure to avoid the accidental release of gold fish into local water systems. Place the pool surface well above flood water levels. Screen overflow and other outlets.

When using pond liners, Butyl or E.P.M. materials are most recommended.

Do be sure to check your local code for any regulations or restrictions.

Before you dig please be sure of the location of water, sewer, power, or gas lines.

More on ponds next week.

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