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Canadian Physiotherapy Association Celebrates The Profession!

National Physiotherapy Month April 23 to May 23, 2005
by Press Release
April 17, 2005

Physiotherapists across the country use National Physiotherapy Month (NPM) as an opportunity to highlight the value of physiotherapy and the importance of taking simple, movement-based steps towards maintaining a healthy body. This year’s activities highlight gardening, golfing, running and walking; rehabilitation following injury; and other areas of physiotherapy that help people achieve and maintain good health.

From April 23 to May 23, physiotherapists from coast-to-coast will open their doors to the public with events such as safety and stretching demonstrations, clinics and seminars on health and fitness issues, displays and information booths, and more. The public is invited to contact their Provincial Physiotherapy Association for a listing of clinics and events in their area.

Celebrating the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s 85th Anniversary this year, physiotherapists know how to keep Canadian’s mobile and achieve optimum physical functioning following an injury or an illness. They work in a variety of settings, from hospitals to private and community clinics; with patients from the very young to the elderly, including animals; dealing with complex neurological conditions following stroke, motor vehicle accidents and fractures; to sports-related injuries, back care, whiplash, heart attacks, cancer, ergonomics and repetitive strain injury.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association and its 10,000 members want the public, other health care providers and governments to be aware of the important role physiotherapy plays in the health of Canadians. With their applied knowledge and understanding of the human body in action, physiotherapists work with clients to increase mobility, relieve pain, build strength, and improve balance and cardiovascular function. They not only treat injury, but they also explain how to prevent injury and the onset of pain that may limit activity.

For more information on physiotherapy and National Physiotherapy Month, visit the Canadian Physiotherapy Association web site at

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