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Garden Gifts from Catalogues
by Carla Allen
by Carla Allen

Greetings from Nova Scotia!

Carla Allen has been gardening for the past 25 years, co-owned a nursery in southwestern Nova Scotia for 16 years.

Carla has an extensive image library and nurtures a network of horticulture in the region. She was the first president of the Yarmouth Garden Club.

December 12, 2004

Gift giving ideas must be considered by the majority of us now that December has arrived, but there’s one fact that makes shopping a snap when it comes to gardeners. We’re perennially easy to please. If you haven’t been able to decide on a present for your gardening friends, or made up your own wish list yet, you may want to flip through two of my favorite mail order garden catalogues.

Gardenscape Tools and Lee Valley both have printed catalogues, or you can order directly on line from them. Here are a few of the items that caught my interest in their Christmas catalogues.

Gardenscape focuses on innovative theme packages that can be gift wrapped in Christmas paper accented with a curly bow. There’s the New Home package ($100) that includes basics like a 50’ Swan hose, spray head with nine patterns, Rose Warrier gardening gloves, trowel, garden bandit, pruners and a roll of green twine. The coiled hose serves as the basket and everything else fits inside.

A Laugh Pack ($70) contains a T-shirt printed with the gardener’s mantra ‘Life is simple - Eat, Sleep, Garden’; gloves; a ‘Grow Dammit!’ ceramic sign for the garden; a package of barnyard tea and book ‘The Diary of a Mad Gardener’.

Gardenscape is famous for the extensive line of gloves they carry, including the extended wear Bionic Gloves. These ergonomic gloves have been designed by a hand surgeon to help protect and support hands while still supplying full dexterity. They are made from washable top grade cabretta leather and have breathable stretchy neoprene motion zones on the knuckles. Retail price is $60.

You can order Gardenscape Tool’s catalogue by calling 888.472.3266 or visit their online catalogue at

From the Lee Valley catalogue, collapsible vases caught my attention. This clever invention arrives flat, as thin as a sheet of cardboard. To shape it, you run hot water over it and hand form it to any shape you want. Empty the vase and refill it with cold water to hold the shape. After use, you can reflatten it for storage by putting it in hot water and smoothing it flat. Now that is a nifty vase! Available in green or blue for $8.95.

Another great contraption is the Spider and Wasp Trapper. Described as an ideal device for trapping flies, wasps, spiders and more, this transparent pyramid need only be placed over the insect on a wall or window, and rotated 180 degrees. This causes a door to slide closed. Carry the insect outside, rotate the pyramid 180 degrees again and the door slides open releasing the insect. There’s no squishy mess to clean up and no big itchy welts from bites to deal with. Cost is $6.95

all 800.267.8767 for a catalogue or visit Lee Valley’s website at:


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