July 10, 2004
June 10, 2004

The companies you see on our home page and our ICanShop page are sponsors of our site ... we are proud that they see value in being a part of our site and are in it for the long haul like we are. They continue to bring you excellent products and behind every company are great people that we know and trust. You can buy with confidence .. I have used a good number of products from each of these companies and have heard from many other gardeners who have also raved about their products. Each month I will be showcasing at least one of the items they carry to help you get to know them a bit better. We would love to hear your feedback on either the product or the company.

Announcing a new on-line shop for all those books and birding supplies.
ICanShop offers over 15,000 quality nature and wildlife related products. A portion of every purchase supports ICanGarden and our ability to bring you fresh content and programs. .

You will also see under this area a huge selection of garden books. Be sure to check out my picks - these are books I am really impressed with. Please get your books through your local book seller and support your local supplier. You are more than welcome to send us in your book review of a particular book that we have listed and we will get it up for you.

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Stoke Seeds


For your convenience Stokes has put together eleven "Special Collections" of seed packages. Each features one specific theme and includes our most popular varieties - varieties we hand-selected for the success of your garden! Packet Pal Garden Marker - That's right! If you are tired of losing your empty seed packets or forgetting what you planted where, enclose your packet inside this reusable marker and place it in your garden. Grow A Pumpkin with Your Name On It! Watch your pumpkin patch for a young pumpkin. Using a ballpoint pen, print your name on the pumpkin breaking the skin just slightly. As you pumpkin grows, so will your name.







TELESCO-WEEDER" "After years of requests, the people who designed the popular Garden Bandit have come up with a standup version perfect for weeds with low invasive root systems. The innovative design of the TELESCO-WEEDER" frees you to safely work soil close to existing plants in complete control without damaging foliage or tender feeder roots."

DANDELION WEED PULL "As soon as this Dandelion Weed Puller arrived in the store in early June 2003, we took it over to the park across the street to run it through it's paces. After a very rainy spring the park was full of bright yellow dandelions. We had so much fun pulling them out that we figured the parks department would start to wonder what they were doing right this year! "


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Myke Premier Pro-Mix Doktor Doom
Now, I know you have been getting MYKE Bulb Growth Supplement when you have been buying your bulbs to plant this fall, but don't forget to also pick up the Indoor Plant Growth Supplement. This is the perfect time to transplant those houseplants that have been outside all summer. I used this on my indoor basil plants and could not believe the growth.
all of their products are great and at this time of year, you can use the PRO-MIX Ultimate Potting Mix or PRO-MIX Ultimate Organic Mix when you are transplanting your houseplants.
Their site has recently been updated so take the time to go through it to update yourself for next year. They have a brand new Odorless Foam Mosquito Repellent plus the latest information on fairy ring.

Of course, don't forget all those great magazines - why not get a gift subscription for you and a friend this year. You have a great choice right across Canada, from the East Coast Gardener to Gardens West, we have them all.

That's a start, now visit these great people and support them!


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