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What is MYKE?

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by Jerry Filipski
by Jerry Filipski


Gerald (Jerry) Filipski is the gardening columnist for the Edmonton Journal, a position he has enjoyed as a freelance writer for the past 12 years. Jerry also writes for Canadian Gardening, the new Alberta Gardener as well as for the lifestyle magazine of P&O ferries. Jerry also does numerous public speaking engagements including some major gardening conferences and workshops as well as question and answer sessions for Wal-Mart and Rona.

August 29, 2004

Q.- I have been thinking about trying this new product called Myke when I plant but really don’t know anything about it . Have you used it and can you tell me if it works?

A.- Myke is an all-natural product line formulated for the different steps of indoor and outdoor planting.

Several Myke products contain a biological growth supplement which is a mycorrhizal fungus. This fungus establishes a beneficial relationship with the roots of the plant. Growing in association with the roots of plants, the mycorrhizal fungus increases the ability for the roots to take up water and nutrients. This totally beneficial fungus offers some amazing results.

I have had many readers asking if I approved of the product but I hesitated to endorse it until I had a chance to do my own extensive trial with Myke. I began using Myke in my plantings last fall and this spring. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical when first trying the product but have become a complete convert. My plants are doing unbelievably well. My most impressive story relates to 3 Royal Edward Explorer roses I planted last fall. Now these were planted without Myke at the time. The plants did not do well at all and they were down to only a few leaves this spring when I decided to use the Myke for Trees and Shrubs.

I replanted 2 of the roses with Myke in the bottom of the planting hole and left the third plant growing on its own. Within 2 weeks the 2 roses that had the Myke were back looking like new plants. Not only had they totally recovered but they both had large amounts of new growth.

The untreated rose eventually died. I have used Myke on everything from perennials to trees and shrubs and veggies when planting with nothing but success. It is a wonderful product and should be used by every gardener.

Like most gardeners I am always moving plants around. This has given me the opportunity to examine the roots of some of the plants treated with Myke as opposed to those who did not have the Myke treatment. The difference in root systems is amazing.

The Myke roots are huge!



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