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New Rules for the Titanic Tomato Tournament
by John Harmon
June 29, 2003

The summer solstice is behind us and these long days can mean tremendous growth for your tomato plants. With the right management you might even be able to win this years Titanic Tomato Tournament.

The top prizes have gone up to the Dawson area for the last couple of years. This year the top prize will be a cool $300.00 provided by our main sponsor, The Yukon News. To snag that cash you will probably have to grow a tomato over the three-pound mark like last year's winner grown by Virginia Buerge. She used the variety "Beefmaster" to grow a tomato that weighed in at three pounds-eight ounces to take the top prize in 2002.

Growing that big tomato will take some time and extra care. For information on growing big tomatoes the best sight I've found is: This is the website dedicated to the New Jersey Championship Tomato Weigh-In. This is America's number one Big Tomato Contest with over $82,000.00 in prize moneys awarded! The site has all the information about the New Jersey contest as well as information on how to grow that big one. For information on pruning and managing your plants check out and click on the link.

Even if you don't manage to grow the biggest tomato you might still be able to grab second place. This year the second place prize will be a $100.00 gift certificate from Adorna Flowers and Landscaping in Whitehorse along with $50.00 in cash provided by The Yukon News.

Third place this year will get you a $50.00 gift certificate provided by Home Hardware in Whitehorse along with $50.00 cash from The Yukon News.

Along with all three top prizes and the prize for the Ugliest Tomato there will be free movie passes provided by Landmark Cinemas in Whitehorse.

The changes this year include the demise of the Junior Category. There just weren't enough entries to justify keeping it. Everyone will now compete in the same categories.

This year the Ugliest Tomato category will continue to provide a chance to get your name inscribed on the big trophy along with a smaller replica trophy to take home. As in past years the ugliest tomato will be judged on appearance alone so size in this case really doesn't matter. Along with the trophy for the coveted Ugly Tomato Award there will be a prize of educational material provided by the Government of Yukon Agriculture Branch.

So far the contest sounds pretty much the same as in previous years but there are some changes besides the elimination of the Junior Category. Along with a properly filled out entry form you will be required to provide a photo of you and your tomato. The official Weigh-in stations will have cameras to take those pictures and all you have to do is show up in person to enter. Part of the contest mandate is to show off your big Yukon grown tomato and a photo of you and your entry together is required so we can do that.

Blair Fisher will once again graciously provide the official weigh-in station in Dawson. Call him at 867-993-6780. In Whitehorse you can enter at Adorna Flowers and Landscaping. If you can't get to either station you can show up with your entry at the Yukon News and fill out the form and have the photo taken. If you can't get to Whitehorse at all you can have your tomato weighed and verified by any irreproachable honest person in your community. Send the weight along with a photo of you holding your entry to The Yukon News, 211 Wood St., Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2E4 to arrive no later than the end of October. Prizes will be announced and sent out in November.

With all this mid-summer sunshine it shouldn't be a problem growing that huge tomato to claim one of this year's prizes.


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