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The 2003 North Country Garden Calendar
by Leonard Perry
by Leonard Perry


In extension I serve as an advisor and consultant to the greenhouse and nursery industry, primarily in Vermont but throughout the region and beyond as well.

I give presentations on my research to the industry, and to home groups. In Research, my focus is "herbaceous perennial production systems".

His website is at  Leonards zone of gardening: home with my trials, generally USDA 4a. Campus in Burlington is 5.

October 13, 2002

Once again the 2003 North Country Garden Calendar, a cooperative effort of the Extension systems of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, is available for sale. The cost is $6 with discounted prices if you buy five or more.

As in the past, each month has a top panel covering some topic in more depth, and daily gardening tips with appropriate moon phases and holidays listed as well. January, for example, starts out with ten tips for how to work less and enjoy it more.

The next three months focus on hardy roses for northern New England. February lists several in the groups alba, gallica, and the explorer series that have performed well in our trials. March highlights the rose family in the broad sense, with many plants you may not realize are actually rose relatives! Planting, culture, and pruning of roses are covered in April.

Some of the newer and exotic types of salad greens, which have been popular recently, are described in May. For many of us June is the allergy season, so for this month some tips are provided on how to minimize your allergies and still garden!

July features tips for growing blueberries with tips for growing tomatoes listed for August. In September you can learn more about low-tech water gardening, a popular trend in gardening.

Many gardeners may not think of growing perennials in containers, so October gives some advice on how to do this. If you're like many gardeners, especially in rural areas, deer may be a serious problem. So look for advice on their control in November. Finish the year off with an overview of waterfront buffer plantings, which are important if you live anywhere near water.

Of course, one calendar can't begin to answer all your questions, so information is included on the Master Gardener network in each of the three northern New England states and how to contact them. Useful contact information also is provided for each state's plant diagnostic clinic, soil testing lab, and publications office.

This calendar, packed full of useful gardening information for our region, is a great value whether you just buy one for yourself or several to give as holiday gifts. The cost is $6 per copy, including postage. It is even less expensive in quantities of five to nine copies ($5 postpaid) and 10 or more copies ($4 postpaid).

Send a check or money order, payable to UVM, to Garden Calendars, Department of Plant and Soil Science, Hills Building, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 05405.

By Dr. Leonard Perry
Extension Nursery and Greenhouse Specialist
University of Vermont

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