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M & E Bonsai Garden
by Chris Biesheuvel
by Chris Biesheuvel


Chris Biesheuvel a retired Horticulturist from McKenzie Seeds in Brandon Manitoba.

Chris is active in the Lethbridge Horticultural Society. He owns Dutch Touch garden consulting business.

His flower photography is well known. Lately Chris is promoting the health effects from gardening in writing and in speaking engagements.

September 29, 2002

A couple years ago we decided to move from Brandon Manitoba to Lethbridge Alberta and while house hunting we drove by a beautiful garden with all kind of Bonsai plants.

I said to my wife – Is that not great those people are probably from China or Japan and are keeping their gardening culture still alive-

After we moved to Lethbridge I met the people from this wonderful garden at a meeting of Communities is Bloom and to my surprise I found out that the owners of this garden are refugees from Hungary. They moved to Canada in 1957.

In the early sixties they learned by accident about the Bonsai culture and fell in love with this unique way of gardening. In 1990 they founded the Bonsai Society for Southern Alberta.

In Japan and China Bonsai means plant in a container conforming exact the same as normal plants and trees except for its miniature size.

The Bonsai depends on skilful root pruning, potting, training and seasonal care.

It is every Bonsai grower’s goal to create a tree of perfect proportion in harmony with it container or landscape creating a living work of art.

In the M & E Bonsai garden you will find a wide assortment of shrubs and trees all trimmed conform the bonsai culture. It is amazing to see a thirty year old Black spruce and Tamarix growing in a small hole in a rock.

They have a Evans Cherry, developed here in Alberta trimmed back into a gorgeous bonsai plant, producing every year some delicious fruit, the same goes for apple trees developed at Morden MB Research Station.

Further more in this garden you will find all kind of Rhododendrons, Hawthorns, Acacia, Smoke bush and many many more bonsai trimmed plants.

In this unique garden you will find also some other master pieces like a Goodland apple and grafted on this tree are over a dozen different types of apples, exceptional perennials etc.

This garden is one of the most unique gardens I ever have seen and it is no wonder that this garden is featured in newspapers, radio and T.V.

A couple weeks ago we had a severe hailstorm here in Lethbridge, and lots of their plants were damaged and still their garden looks great due to the plant artwork done by the owners of this garden M & E Stefancsik.

Why do I write about this garden in the first place? Because I love the beauty of this garden, I admire the T.L.C. that the Stefancsik s put in their garden, they are more than gardeners, the best word to describe them is to call them Gardening artists.

A wonderful thing of this gardening couple is that they have their garden always open for visitors; they love to guide their guests through their paradise.

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