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Gardening Magazines
by Linda Tomlinson
by Linda Tomlinson


Linda Tomlinson received a diploma in Horticulture from Olds College as well as a B.ed from the University of Calgary.

She has worked in many aspects of the Horticulture in Alberta as well as a stint in a Nursery in Australia.

Linda has taught adult Ed classes in Horticulture. She has a weekly column in The Red Deer Advocate going into her third year.

May 19, 2002

Magazine racks contain a wonderful selection of Gardening magazines some are Canadian while others are published in the United States. The ones from the U.S. are great if you are looking for ideas in designs and trends. Be prepared to substitute plant materials, for ones that are hardy in your area. Canadian Gardening magazines are more likely to have information that suits local conditions. 

The oldest magazine available is the Prairie Gardener which is published annually bya division of the Winnipeg Horticultural Society. This book is packed full of relevant information for the novice and experienced gardener. Although written in Manitoba, most of the information is useful and entertaining to gardeners across the Prairies if not Canada. 

The new one on the block is published by Pegasus Publications in Red Deer. The company presently puts out 3 different, but connected gardening magazines. The Manitoba Gardener, and the Ontario Gardener have been on the market for a while with the Alberta Gardener making its day view this spring. 

The Alberta Gardener is a must for people gardening in Alberta as it is written with local conditions in mind. It recognizes the diverse climate with articles for the warm dry southern regions, as well as the parkland and areas to the north.

This magazine has a wide range or articles. Some are on specific plants while others are inspirational and "how do". 

It highlights Alberta gardens, showing the world that despite the harsh climate, gorgeous gardens abound. 

Manitoba Gardener is similar in layout to the Alberta Gardener; is also one that has useful information for all prairie gardeners.

The Gardener for the Prairies is published Quarterly, by the Saskatchewan Gardeners inc., which is comprised of The Saskatchewan Horticultural association, the Saskatchewan Perennial Society, the Saskatoon Horticultural Society, and the extension division of the University of Saskatchewan. The articles are informative, often giving new ideas and the latest in research. 

This magazine highlights one private or public garden each insure. The background information and pictures give readers a clear idea of the garden making it a must or want to visit.

The magazine is not glossy but all pages have a comfortable matted finish. It is also a must for prairie gardeners.

Garden's West is the result of an Alberta and a British Columbia publication joining forces to be what it is today. The magazine features one or two terrific yards in each issue.

It highlights different plants each publication. Usually the plant in question has a cultivar that will grow in Alberta. 

There are regular featured columns that cover a wide range of topics including: container gardening, herbs, and building an item for your garden. The diverse range of articles usually has something for every gardener; regardless of their interest. 

The pictures are all well done and inspire gardeners to achieve more. As it also focusses on the West Coast, expect some content and plant material to be impractical, but one can always dream. 

Canadian Gardening has just come out with a fresh format. The magazine is thicker with a number new columns. To add diversity some columns appear every magazine while others appear in every other one. All pictures are spectacular leaving the reader guessing if some are advertisements or columns. 

Expect to see two to three different gardens from various parts of the country, featured each publication. The articles include: many large pictures, diagrams, history of the garden and the plant materials used. The authors and editors do their best to make the reader feel that they have visited the garden. 

A different plant is highlighted in each publication. Unfortunately, many are listed for zones much warmer than Alberta. 

Canadian Gardening tries to cover all of Canada that is a huge undertaking. It has a very diverse climate.

Alberta Views and Canadian Gardening also include an article on gardening with each publication. 

Magazines and books should always be informative, entertaining and inspire the gardener to achieve more.


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