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Water Gardening Is Sweeping Our Nation!
by Darlene Jennings
by Darlene Jennings


Darlene, Also known as the Pond Lady, is President, Mid-Michigan Pond & Water Garden Club

MSU Advanced Master Gardener

March 31, 2002

We are just not satisfied with ordinary gardening any longer. Water gardening is sweeping our country. 
More and more people are adding water features to their landscape. Water has been a part of landscaping throughout the ages. Within the last few years water gardening’s popularity has increased by leaps and bounds. Why are ponds and waterfalls becoming more and more popular? There are many reasons, but the main reasons I had a pond and waterfalls put in my backyard were for the beauty and serenity of water. 
Have you ever sat by a pond or stream and just listened and watched? Without touching the water, you can close your eyes and feel the coolness of the water against your face, smell the freshness through your nostrils, and hear the magic of Mother Nature at work. Let your troubles fade into oblivion and you will reminisce back to the time of being a carefree child. You have captured the one thing we are all searching for and forgot how to find - peace within ourselves and a oneness with Mother Nature. 
Water is essential to life. Water brings life. Build it and they will come. It is like putting a sign out that reads,” Rest Stop”. Stop they will. Many creatures of various sizes, shapes, colors and uniqueness will magically appear. It’s like having a Discovery Channel in your yard. It’s here! 
Fish! You can’t forget about the fish. If you have a pond you will definitely want fish. Koi, goldfish and many others are being added to our water features. Have you ever wondered why so many doctors have aquariums in their offices? The fish in the aquarium act as a sedative to quiet and soothe the irritation of the long wait. This is also true of the fish in your pond. The only complaint I ever heard people say about their fish was, “I want more, I need more, I gotta have more”. 
In a series of articles, I will arm you with a broad base of information to ensure you of successful water-gardening experiences. But just don’t sit there. Join a pond club, read as much as you can, question it all and talk to other water gardeners. The information is out there; do not take just one person or business at their word. Question?! Question?! Question?! Seek and you will find that water gardeners are an enthusiastic group of people - we love the life of water and we are quick to share this with anyone who asks. 

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