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Helleborus foetidus
by Barry Glick
by Barry Glick


Barry Glick has been involved in the plant world since 1954, when at the young, impressionable age of 5, he witnessed Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard on TV) put a cutting of a plant in a glass of water only to sprout roots a few shows later. Barry replicated the experiment with his one of his mother's prized Coleus plants, and as he watched the roots grow, knew that he was hooked for life.

Barry owns Sunshine Farm & Gardens in West Virginia - Zone 5

December 30, 2001

Takin' a break from the old grind of writing a "GPOW" this week, but I do have something very special for you.
Consider it a holiday sneak preview of one of the most exciting new plants that I've seen in a while.
I love Helleborus foetidus. It's an incredibly variable species that never fails to elicit comments when people see it in the garden.
There are many named forms available and among them are my own H. f. 'Marlene', H. f. 'Silvertooth', but more about them later.
What I'd like you to see now is H. f. 'Frenchy'. I've selected it from a strain of seed collected way up in the highest elevations of the French Alps. 
Instead of my gushing over it, just go here: and have a look for yourself.
Remember, these are thumbnails, click on them to fill your screen.

Happy Holidays,

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