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The Low Maintenance Garden. 2000

A Book Review
by Jodi DeLong
November 18, 2001

Susan Berry and Steve Bradley: 
The Low Maintenance Garden. 2000.
ISBN 1-55209-531-2.

Many people want to enjoy the beauty of gardens, but not everyone has the time to put into developing extensive plantings. Some might enjoy the planning and planting, but not have time for weeding or bed preparation, while others may want a particular look without having to spend huge amounts of money for a landscaper.
In this lavishly illustrated reference, authors Berry and Bradley show ways for you to work with nature instead of against it. They offer suggestions for garden designs utilizing such ideas as creating a water garden, hard-surface terrace or deck to reduce lawn area, which demands regular mowing and other care while giving little but monotony in return. The authors provide readers with plenty of tips to help reduce garden-maintenance time.
Of particular value is the list of 100 plants which are particularly easy-care, from ornamental grasses and groundcovers to perennials to shrubs and trees. The authors also cover a range of topics including propagating of plants from seed or cutting, the essentials of good watering and feeding for best growth, pruning dos and don’ts, and dealing with unwanted garden guests such as pests and diseases.

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