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The Twelve Best Horticultural Films Never Made
by Janet Davis
by Janet Davis


Janet Davis is a freelance garden writer and horticultural photographer whose stories and images have been featured in numerous publications. Magazines featuring her work include Canadian Gardening, Canadian Living, Gardening Life, President’s Choice Magazine, Chatelaine Gardens and, in the United States, Fine Gardening and Country Living Gardener.


October 28, 2001


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As the days grow short and the icy hand of winter descends, we put away the gardening tools, kick off our muddy boots and head indoors. Make a little popcorn, settle onto the couch, plunk our feet up on the coffee table and aim the remote at the television screen. So what’s on? Just another week of old favourites on the Gardener’s Movie Network.

  • Days of Twine and Roses
    Thorny problems faced by gardener with hard-to-stake shrubs.

  • Driving Missed Daisies
    Golfer finds unique way of ridding lawn of weedy English daisies too short for lawnmower blades.

  • How Green is My Valley
    Residents of low-lying village worry about adverse effects of huge cattle ranch on slope nearby.

  • Leafing Las Vegas
    Documentary about planting shade trees on this Nevada city’s boulevard of broken dreams.

  • My Pear Lady
    Juicy biography of Madame Poirette Anjou.

  • On Golden Frond
    Gripping martial arts drama with swaying bamboo-treetop fight scene by director of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon .

  • Singin’ in the Grain
    Gene Kelly croons, tap-dances and sows a few wild oats in this corny love story of a music-loving wheat farmer.

  • Snowdrops Falling on Cedars
    A story of love and loss filmed in the balmy Pacific Northwest where snowdrops grow tall as conifers.

  • The Canna Mutiny
    Thousands of tall plants with bright blossoms object to being imprisoned in a park flowerbed and refuse to remain in their assigned rows.

  • The Gourdfather
    Mob leader vows to squash his enemies.

  • The Silence of the Yams
    Psychopath tortures, kills, then eats innocent potatoes.

  • Twenty Thousand Leeks Under the Sea
    Onion farmer loses control of semi-trailer on ocean-side highway.

Story & Photo © Janet Davis


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