March 24th, 2002
March 24, 2002

We are pleased to advise that we have secured a book supplier for our site ... now we will be able to offer you the ability to order a book that you see here and want to own for yourself or purchase as a gift for that special gardening friend.
It has taken a bit of time to find such a company, because number one, they have to be able to supply the books - some might take a bit of time if they are special order - and number two, we have to be able to trust them as a company because they will be part of our site.

 Of Interest

People sometimes ask "how many gardeners use as a resource".

During our busy months - January through April - we averaged over 250,000 visitors per month with almost 6 million hits per month

During one of our slower months (April through January) - we average over 1.3 million hits with over 60,000 visitors per month

We have almost 400 listed now and they bring over 6,000 titles with them, so until we get this area all set up, please get in touch with me and I will forward your requests on. We want to make sure everything runs smoothly before putting this up live! You can reach me at
YourGardenStore Supplies has some great supplies ... so be sure to check out the needed items like suet and birdfeeders for the birds and also the other products for gift ideas ...
Did you know that a floral bouquet will bring a smile to anyone who receives it? It's true, just think how you feel whenever you get one! Our Fresh Flowers site is sure to please...Treat yourself, or someone you know to one...especially with Easter coming up...just take a look at the selection!
This area of the site will continue to grow as we add unique new items ... as with all things it takes time to find suitable suppliers that offer items you would not normally find and ones that we want to work with ...
If you have any suggestions as to great companies, let us know!

Donna Dawson, Master Gardener
Owner, ICanGarden

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