The 5th Annual Klondyke Harvest Fair
by John Harmon
August 21, 1999

I have to admit I was delighted to see our recent hot spell break. When it gets up in the 30's it's just too hot for me. Those clouds moving in sure looked good. The rain showers Tuesday night out here east of town were a welcome break. Saves me hauling at least one load of water. No matter how much water I pump on the garden a good rain seams to do way more good.

Just in case you haven't heard by now the Klondike Harvest Fair is on at Rotary Peace Park August 20,21 and 22. It's a great opportunity for you and your family to get out in the fresh air for a fun couple of days.

At the bench show you will get to see the best of the wide variety of vegetables and fruit grown in the Yukon. There will also be home baking, quilting, knitting, traditional native crafts and the popular homemade beer and wine competitions. This year there's a Junior Sunflower growing contest for your budding young gardener to enter. Then there's the Recycled Creations which includes items made from recycled materials with both an adult and junior category.

There will be live entertainment both days with something for everyone leading up to the second annual Harvest Hoe-down at the Elks Hall. Advance tickets for the dinner and dance are available from the YAA office.

This year you might want to watch the livestock demonstrations or the Hoof n Woof where dogs and horses compete on separate timed courses with the winner being the team with the best combined score. Another of the fun events is the Pet Costume Contest. If your pet doesn't look good in a costume maybe your pet will be able to learn something by watching the dog agility demonstration. You will be able to see horses and riders compete in the Gymkhana events that will include barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole trials, figure 8 stake race, flag races and bareback races.

You will be able to get enough food to make even the sturdiest stomach rebel from hot dogs to Scottish food, perogies or corn on the cob to Candy floss for the really brave. There will be no danger of starvation on the grounds all weekend. If you don't want to eat the corn (probably not Yukon Grown) there will be hourly contests for shucking it.

The midway has, among it's lures, games and farm animal displays. Last year there was a mechanical bull for the older kids to ride or at least try to ride. I haven't heard if it will be there this year or if the inflatable maze will be back. There will however be no shortage of fun things for the kids to do in any event. If you haven't spent all your money there's a Farm Gate Sales raffle for $5.00 with the draw at two PM on Saturday where you could win anything from a side of Yukon beef to 100 pounds of good Yukon Grown potatoes.

If the hot dogs and candy floss aren't your idea of a nutritious meal you will be able to get all kinds of top quality produce grown in the Yukon at the farmers market which will be on the grounds all weekend. It's a chance to get some food that hasn't spent a week in a truck getting here and a chance to help support your local farmers.

This year there are some new choices in the famous, or should that be infamous, Kiss The Pig contest. The person that gets the most money donated in their name will get to kiss the pig in front of everybody on Sunday. There's a number of choices from the city bylaw office. Officers Alex Furlong, John Taylor, Dave Pruden and my personal choice Harvey Rafter. That's where all my loonies are going this year. There's even a conservation officer, Tony Grabowski, up for your consideration this year. Here's where you get even for those parking tickets or that ticket for a "U" turn you didn't deserve. I'm telling ya that light wasn't even yellow yet! Keep in mind that all the money you plunk down for your vote goes to our local Kiwanis Club.

If you need more information on events or contests give the YAA a call at 668-6864 or the Agriculture Branch at 667-5838. This looks to be a great weekend of home grown fun down at the river for the whole family. Don't miss it!

John Harmon owns and operates Tropicals North. Write to John at The Real Dirt, c\o 211 Wood St., Whitehorse, YT., Y1A 2E4 or e-mail this is the end

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