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Community Beautification Suggestions
by Peter Prakke
September 18, 1999

All through this great country of ours, most communities will benefit from the efforts of a community with a beautification committee.

One of the keys to the success of a Community Beautification project is to find people with the following qualities:

Creative and inspired leaders
Dedicated to the objectives
Appreciative of beauty
Willing to work hard and not just for prestige

People to draw from:

Municipal officials such as Mayor, Town or Village council, Public Works Department, Conservation Authority.
Community and Business groups:
Chamber of Commerce, Garden Centre Operators, Service Clubs, Church Organizations, Horticulture Societies, Merchant Association.

Once you have a committee formed, answer the following questions about your community. The answers will help you and the planning committee to set priorities.


Do highways leading to your community create a friendly impression?
Is the general appearance of the community, business and residential area clean and neat?
Would a traveller or holiday guests want to stop to eat, shop and spend the night in your town?
Would a newcomer establish a business?


Is space provided for trees, benches, grass or a fountain?
Are litter cans neat and attractive?
Are the street benches attractive?
Are sidewalks in good repair?
Is the business area attractively lighted?


Are the streets free of litter and trash?
Do streets have trees?
Is the street lighting adequate and attractive?
Are vacant lots kept clean?
Are the steet signs attractive?
Are street plantings attractive?


Is the park satisfactory for the community?
Are existing parks well maintained?
Are trash containers available?
Are parks easily found by attractive signs?
Are the rest rooms clean and presentable?
Is drinking water available?
Are the buildings attractive?
Are fences in good repair?
Are soccer and baseball fields well maintained?
Are playgrounds safe?


Have school grounds been planted?
Are litter containers available?
Are existing lawns in good condition?
Is the landscape of the school a credit and asset to the community?


Do new subdivision have street trees? Is garbage pick-up adequate? Do new subdivisions have side walks?


Encourage better home landscaping.
Establish "Community Gardens".
Beautify entrances to town.
Educate young school children on values of beautification.
Develop picnic sites.
Landscape and plant around public buildings.
Plant and maintain shade trees.
Preserve "natural" features.
Encourage conservation, natural recreation areas.
Develop a master planting plan for your community.

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