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Thomas Ogren
October 22, 2000


I am now planning a speaking and book signing tour for spring, summer & fall of 2000 & would like to make myself available to garden clubs in your area. I will go & talk to any garden clubs if time permits & my expenses are covered. I'm Tom Ogren, author of Allergy-Free Gardening, from Ten Speed Press, due out Feb. 2000. The plant-allergy scale from my book, the first of its kind, has already been adopted by the USDA urban foresters. They are now using it to format pollen-allergy projections for all major US cities.

Thousands of plants are covered in Allergy-Free Gardening, and all of them are allergy-ranked, on a simple, easy-to-use, 1 to 10 scale. 1 is best, and 10 is worst.

During my 14 years of research into the connections between urban landscape plantings and allergy I discovered that modern landscapes were male-predominant. A desire to create "litter-free" landscapes pushed this trend toward male clones, because the males shed no spent seed, old flowers, seed pods, or other "litter."

What these male plants do produce though, is POLLEN, and plenty of it! The urban pollen load of today is at an all-time high and along with it have come huge increases in allergy and the deadly modern epidemic of asthma.

If you would like to hear something about a real environmental catastrophe that can be stopped and then reversed, just let me know.

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