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Bob Osborne
October 22, 2000

My main area of expertise is hardy roses. I have given talks to the American Rose Society, The Canadian Rose Society, The New England Rose Society and many different gardening groups around the country on hardy roses. I can talk on their culture, the history of their development and the recent breeding work that has created superb new varieties for northern growers.

I also give talks on the soil and how it works. I usually cover the effect of acidity on nutrient absorption and soil texture, the nitrogen cycle, the connection beteween mycorrhizae and plant roots and the interrelationships between the various organisms in the soil. I explain how to use organic nutrients and mulches to stimulate acitivity in soils.

I have also talked on such far-flung topics as native plants, plants for wildlife, recent developments in ornamentals tree and shrub varieties and growing fruits in northern areas, particularly the hardy varieties of apple, grape and kiwi.

I hope this gives you an idea of my interests.

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