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Douglas Green
by Doug Green

Doug Green is an award winning author as well as a member of the Garden Writers Association.

His sites are at http://www.simplegiftsfarm.comHe has a brand new 'How-to-Grow Lavender' e-book available and This site is dedicated to providing answers to questions about flower garden bulbs.

December 8, 2004

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Telephone 613-544-9533

Topics: negotiable depending on group.

Fees: depends on location and timing.

Douglas Green is a full time garden writer and e-publisher who has worked all his life in the nursery industry both in Canada and the U.S. He ran his own specialist nursery for over twenty years and has grown or killed many thousands of plant varieties as he doesn't recognize garden zones as applying to him or his garden but merely nuisance guidelines. He also never met a plant he didn't like (well, maybe Aegopodium) or wanted to grow. He does refuse to install a garden on his sailboat and in the backseat of his sportscar but those are the only two exceptions he makes.

Book credits

The Everblooming Perennial Garden, NTC/Contemporary (2002)

The Everything Lawn Care Book, 2001, Adams Media

Gardening Wisdom, 2000, NTC/Contemporary 2001 GWA Award of Excellence and Canada Council grant

Roses for Dummies for Canadians, 2000, Avid Media for IDG Canada

Bulbs: A Growing Guide, 1998 MacMillan

Tender Roses for Tough Climates, 1997 Chapters

Landscape Magic, 1995, Chapters

Newsletter credit: Doug writes an internet newsletter found at

The author is a regular guest lecturer at Horticultural Societies and gardening seminars. His slide collection is available for promotional activities. Lectures in 2004 included Canada Blooms, Philadelphia Flower Show, shows at Long Island and Washington DC.

Magazine writing credits include articles published in Harrowsmith, The Garden (magazine of the British Royal Horticultural Society), Landscape Trades (magazine of the Canadian Nursery Industry), Grower Talks, TLC for Plants, The Lion, Organic Gardening and Canadian Gardening among others.

Newspaper credits include a weekly gardening column in the City of Brockville Recorder and Times and a self-syndicated column in papers across North America

Published letters are found in volumes 1, 2, and 4 of the Morningside Papers (McClelland and Stewart)

Photography credits include: Harrowsmith, The Garden, Landscape Trades, Grower Talks, The Lion and Tender Roses for Tough Climates.

Television credits include the production of a series of short gardening programs for the Kingston Cablenet television company. Other television credits include four guest appearances on From a Country Garden, a nationally syndicated program on PBS. The Professional Plant Growers Association awarded the Best Television Gardening Program of the Year to one of these programs.

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