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Joanne Baskerville
October 22, 2000

I am the owner of a consulting and garden design business called 'Right Plant, Right Place'. My consulting work encompasses a wide variety of clients from super-market chains and mail-order nurseries to wholesale growers and retail garden centers. The range of my expertise spans from providing advice on catalog content and marketing to plant trials for hybridizers and growers in the U.K., Europe and North America. I am an active member in over 30 horticultural associations and societies worldwide.

Other aspects of my consulting business involve giving lectures and seminars on a wide variety of subjects throughout North America. I am the Associate Editor and feature writer for the popular gardening magazine 'Gardens West' and host a weekly gardening spot on CFJC-TV's 'Midday' program (CBC affiliate). I teach a series of garden design programs at The University College of the Cariboo, co-sponsored by 'Gardens West'. I am a regular corespondent (from our Merritt, BC garden) on the national CBC television program 'The Canadian Gardener' with David Tarrant.

My personal gardening style has been developed out of need. I am a working wife and mother and my business takes me out of town quite a bit. A low-maintenance garden is essential because in addition to time limitations, I suffer from severe arthritis.

Our former Barriere, BC garden (zone 3) was located on a 1/4 acre subdivision lot. Our new Merritt, BC lot (zone 4) is a similar size but the garden is approximately three times as large. Both gardens were designed to be water-wise and "Low-maintenance with a High-maintenance Look". All the plant material is perennial, few varieties require staking, ground cover plants are used extensively and the entire garden is heavily mulched with wood chips. The gardens have a natural, informal look and are best described as "English Cottage x West Coast Style".

Our garden contains over 1,200 different plant varieties. My plant trial work concentrates on plant hardiness, health & garden habit. I am an environmentally friendly gardener and use no chemical insecticides, pesticides or fungicides. I concentrate on continually building my soil with compost, well-rotted farmyard manure, leaf mold and plant only disease-resistant varieties. I do no field trials, all new plant material is incorporated directly into the mixed border and must perform well! I have no tolerance for plants that continually fall pray to disease, they are dug up, discarded and replaced.

Roses are my first love and make up a good portion of the shrubs in our garden. There are approximately 200 roses (145 varieties). Due to the local climate and my personal preference, I do not grow any Hybrid Tea or Floribunda roses. The roses are a delighful and fragrant mix of David Austin's English, Shrub, Rugosa, Species, Climbers and Old Garden varieties.

Some of the other plants in the garden are: Lilies - 100 varieties of Columbia-Platte, Asiatic, Trumpet & Aurelian, Oriental, Species and Inter-species hybrids. Peonies - 50 varieties of Inter-species hybrids, Tree & Herbaceous hybrids. Hemerocallis - 100 new and up-to-date large-flowered and miniature hybrids. Beardless Iris - 50 varieties of Siberian, Japanese and Species. Bearded Iris - 40 new and up-to-date varietes. Clematis - 80 varieties (large-flowered hybrids, herbaceous types, species, macropetala, alpina & viticella hybrids). Hardy Geraniums - 40 varieties. Heuchera - 40 varieties. Misc. Perennials, Shrubs & Trees - approx. 700 different varieties.

For availablity & booking information contact: Joanne Baskerville

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