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Press Release - Pride of Place Plants Inc.
October 19, 2000

Pride of Place Plants Inc.® is proud and excited to announce that Roogoja Farm, Aili, Aimee and Taavi Kivistik of Karla, Estonia has chosen our firm to promote and market their exciting collection of Clematis Cultivars.

The Farm is more than 100 years old, 43hectars in size and is situated at the banks of the river Kuivajoe. In the autumn 1949 Roogoja Farm was forced to join the local collective farm into the membership to which it belonged until the spring 1990. The fields of activities have always been plant growing and stock raising, gardening and bee keeping. In addition to his main work Mr.Uno Kivistik took an active interest in plant breeding. Numerous crosses resulted in many perspective hybrids from which 20 new apple trees and 50 roses have been recognized.

In 1974 Clematis breeding started in the backyard of Roogoja farm. Having gathered a remarkable collection of clematis from the Baltics and the former Soviet Union, Uno Kivistik made up his mind to take up Clematis breeding as full time endeavor. In 1978 the cross breeding of Clematis were made by Aili and Uno Kivistik. One of the first successful cultivars became "Valge Daam" and it gave the Kivistiks inspiration for cross combinations with over 40 different varieties developed. During the next 6-7 years more than 6000 hybrids were developed and 140 hybrids have been given cultivar names. Their Clematis hybrids have participated in sort comparison tests in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 23 Clematis species, 270 Clematis hybrids belong to the clematis collection at Roogoja Farm. Roogoja Farm is recognized as the northernmost breeding nursery for Clematis Cultivars, located on the 58th parallel.

The criteria used in the Kivistik Family breeding program was to create cultivars with a compact growth habit and yearly numerous rich blossoms developing on the current season’s growth, lasting throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Unfortunately, Mr. Uno Kivistik died in June 1998, however his work continues by his wife Aili and family Aimee and Taavi. His cultivars may have rarely been seen in North America, although the contribution to Horticulture deserves full recognition. We are hopeful you may find room on your Clematis pallet to include these fine cultivars. For an early look at a portion of The Kivistik Collection please visit the web address

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