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October 8th, 2000
October 8, 2000

As I said on the home page, I got side tracked ... and not just by that, but by 400 bulbs arriving at my doorstep! I started digging the bed for planting and thought the soil was not in good shape, so of course got two yards of new mix delivered ... as if I needed the extra work especially now with putting the garden to bed for the winter too!
Have you had time to read any books? We have some excellent books and videos listed ... reviews are always welcome ... I just ask that you send separate reviews for each book listed.
Treat yourself to a new garden magazine subscription this year ... we have so many excellent resources - all listed in our Bookshelf area.
Our supplier listings have changed somewhat and are getting updated this month for your gardening pleasure.
One thing I have noticed in our Forum is that the Hints & Tips area is not being used that much ... I find that really hard to believe since I am a gardener and know there is someone out there that always has a hint or two to share when they are visiting my garden!
Let's see some of yours!

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