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Voices of the Soil - Submit Articles
September 10, 2000

Voices Of The Soil Invites you to

Give Voice to Earth's Voice... Since the beginning of time, people have given voice to Earth's voice. The stories we tell assert our connection with the natural world and with Spirit.

As We Make Our Way To The Garden... Today, many of us hear Earth's voice and are making our way to the Garden. For some, the garden is a few flowers on the balcony, or a tomato plant and some basil just outside the back door. Others are inspired to create a sanctuary in a school yard, grow vegetables on an abandoned city lot, or transform a farmer's field into a heritage garden. Growing People and Stories... It seems as we hear Earth's voice we begin to remember, to heal, to nurture, nourish and create. Gardens are growing more than just flowers, weeds and vegetables. Gardens are growing people and experiences that are insightful, joyful, rewarding, and needing to be shared. Perhaps the garden connects you to your homeland traditions and culture... or a memory of working with a grandmother in the garden on the farm and walking the fields with a grandparent. Perhaps as an elder you recall a much different landscape ... or you find that tending to the vegetable plot is to tend to your soul.

Share Your Story... We would like to hear how gardens are "growing you". Sharing your story will give voice to Earth's voice. As well, we would like to share your story with our readers. Just tell it from your heart as if your best friend were sitting across from you as you write it down. This is not a term paper, thesis or fiction story. Stories may be up to 2500 words and must teach, uplift or inspire. Stories greater than 2500 words will be considered. Regardless, if you have questions or doubts about your story, send it anyways and we will decide. If your story is chosen for inclusion in Voices of the Soil upcoming publications, you will be notified by mail and your permission to reprint it will be requested. We are presently looking for stories in these categories: Gardening for Life, Health, and Healing; Gardening for Community Development and Sustainability; Childhood Memories; Growing for Our Heritage/Culture; Pioneer Gardens/Farms especially Stories of Our Pioneering Women and their Family Gardens; and Ancestral Knowledge Taught Through Gardening, Farming & Land Stewardship. Please be patient as this is a time consuming process. Note all stories submitted will not be returned. How to Submit Your Story... Contact Susan Penstone at

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