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Mosaicultures Internationales Montreal 2000
by sent in by Phil Reilly
July 30, 2000

On until October 9, 2000 In Montreal, along the borders of the refurbished Lachine Canal in the old port area of the city, you will find a presentation of over 50 finely crafted garden mosaics (or carpet bedding displays) and sculptures of live plant material. The garden artisans had a pallet of about 30 annual plants to design with and then free reign on the magnitude of their creations. The most familiar use of the carpet bedding technique is floral clocks, knot gardens and roadside messages presented on sloped berms. These were present, but so too were delicate figurines (some mechanized) as well as humungeous ones towering above the allées. We spent about an hour (the amount of time left before our train departed Montreal) on a fast trot to get a sense of the exhibition. Ideally we should have had at least twice that time to appreciate the works. On a leisurely visit we would stop and grab some food or a drink at on-site vendors or leave the site for a while to eat in one of the numerous 'old city' restaurants.

As soon as our film is processed, I'll add some of the photos of the displays to give you a taste of the exhibition.

More information, including admission costs, on the exhibition is available at where you can even pre-purchase tickets.

While in Montreal, make a gardening day (or two) of it by visiting the Montreal Botanical Gardens too. Visit the Montreal Botanical Gardens website at for more information.

Both venues are near Metro stations so you can park your car and abandon city traffic. sent in by Phil Reilly....

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