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July 25, 2000

It has been warm and wonderful here and the sweetpeas are blooming! These were seeds I brought back from Chelsea last year and planted this spring ... it's a great display, wish you could all smell them!

The garden smells so good right now with roses, thyme, lilies and even my petunias have a nice fragrance this year. The heliotrope and stocks by the patio door are welcome too ... I hope you enjoy your time in your garden right now - it is special!

I am looking for growers of melons in the Prairies and Maritimes for a writer doing a story - if you can help with this let me know!

My newsletter goes out monthly, so if you didn't receive the July issue get in touch with me at so that I can send it out to you, and don't forget to sign up for future issues.

You may want to start looking at the seed savers area ... it's that time!

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