The Ultimate Garden Tool - CDROM
by Donna Dawson
by Donna Dawson


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January 1, 2000

The Ultimate Garden Tool - CDROM from Mary Bolack Review by Donna Dawson, St. Albert,AB., Canada
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I am not a writer - I am a gardener, but hopefully, I can properly introduce Mary Bolack’s CD "The Ultimate Gardening Tool" to get you excited enough to see for yourself, what I have found to be a great resource tool for gardeners.

As I was going through it, I discovered that even though I live in Canada, in one particular zone, much of the reference material contained in the CD is for everyone, anywhere. You will know what you can and cannot do and you will find information you can and cannot use. But I must tell you that the areas that I looked at were all applicable to me whether they came from a State or a Province. Mary is looking for more information to add from Canadian sources and I am sure that when this CD is more widely advertised, she will get it.

I looked for things that were applicable to me, at the time I did my searches because there is so much information on this CD, I had to have a plan. The CD itself is very easy to get around in. I clicked on the ‘bloodhound’ to search for ‘ammonia’. It came back with oodles of information all prioritized according to how many times ‘ammonia’ was used in that article.

An so I went,

  • ‘water gardening’ - where to put one, styles, fountains and waterfalls.
  • ‘slugs’ gave me methods of control, where they like to live etc.
  • ‘composting’ gave me all kinds of information on where, what, how long.

From there I went to

  • ‘natural fertilizers’ and found out when to use them and what kinds there were. ‘Household Pest Control’ gave me suggestions on how to control them.
  • "Leaves as Mulch’ brought up excellent information and lots of it, on different types of mulching materials to use, where and when to use it and what to look out for when mulching.
  • ‘Pruning raspberries/blackberries’ is where I found out what to do with my first year blackberry canes, and how to cut down raspberries for better production.
I also learned what plants deer love to eat, like to eat and never eat. I learned about the Datura plant and found a whole wonderful section on gourmet vegetables - what types to grow, how to grow them and what diseases they could have while growing. There is also a very extensive area on ‘Seed Saving’ that is applicable to everyone and also applicable is ‘Sowing Seed Indoors’. There are areas on plant diseases, herbs, perennials, landscaping, and so much more it’s hard to even attempt to adequately list them.

I know I am just scratching the surface of this CD. It contains over 14,000 pages of information from very reputable sources in the Horticultural area, including plant groups, government agencies and private sources. There is a suitable representation from Canada’s provinces and I know it will grow as it gets known more here. But as I mentioned earlier, a lot of the resources from the States are applicable here as well.

To me - this is a wonderful way to pass the long winter months away - you don’t need any books, just a cup of coffee and your mouse. Then you too can discover what a resource you have at your fingertips.

The Ultimate Garden Tool - A Searchable Reference Collection, is available from Electric Mulch Ltd., 1701 S. 138 E. Ave., Tulsa, Ok., 74108 (Mary Bolack) or you can visit her site at

System Requirements:

  • 100% IBM compat. PC, 386 or higher
  • Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
  • 4 MB of RAM minimum (8+ MB recommended)
  • 2 MB free hard disk space (swap file of at least 10 MB)
  • VGA (256 colours or higher)
  • CD-ROM drive (double speed or higher recommended)

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