Christmas Greetings
by Marg Fleming
January 1, 2000

It's Christmas Time. Outside, winter transforms past and future Spring Splendor into a Snowy Wonderland. Frosty Jewels of crystallized water become fastened to twigs and stems during the cold night, transforming leafless trees into bolts of fine Laced Cotton. The sun changes from Dazzling Gold to Red At Night and slips behind Sapphire Hills leaving a Pink Horizon. A Skating Party disbands as darkness falls. Clouds Adrift in the sky begin to gather, and a fresh Snow Blanket begins with the fall of a single Lacy Snowflake.

Inside, we look out through glass etched by frost into a Jigsaw pattern, giving us a Prism View. All the traditional and Modern Classic fare of the season accompanies the festive mood indoors. A Christmas tree Well Endowed with lights of all Rainbow Hues glitters in Total Elegance. One may easily Be Dazzled by the Bright Fire in the hearth which makes nearby Crystal Glow, and gives life to tree ornaments. Shiny red metallic balls sparkle like Christmas Rubies, chocolate Money is hung in Extravagant fashion, tiny Prancing Ponies and other decorations are carefully crafted with Creative Stitchery. Even Tinkerbell is there to Step Nicely over tinseled boughs. A Carved Angel in Divine Light adorns the peak. The scene is warmed by a Cherub's Smile.

A tree skirt drifts up against the tree's trunk in a Snow Mound. Cozy Calico slippers wait for Christmas day concealed in a tidy package. The tall, narrow parcel hides a Gay Parasol. The smallest gift will reveal a Gold Ring.

An intangible distraction begins to pervade the air. The fragrance of a Bayberry Candle fills the room. On the table Fine China rests at each place. From the kitchen dozens of smells escape in a Quiet Riot. Behind kitchen doors a Gourmet Touch helps to create Christmas treats. Banana Frappe, Cheesecake with a Subtle Hint of Lemon And Spice, Cranberry Ice, Ginger Swirl, and other Confectionery are a Rare Treat at this time of year. A Jelly Roll with Glazed Orange slices and Marmalade sauce will be served late with Mulled Wine or Brandy and Praline candy for a Touch Of Class. For the children there is a Gingerbread Girl and a cup of cider with Cinnamon sticks. At the Midnight Hour, skies clear overhead and snow laden ground assumes a Blue Luster under Jeweled Starlight. Distant Chimes sound to hail the Captured Spirit of Christmas.

The foregoing image of Christmas should not be a cause for Envy. Fabricated desserts such as Loganberry Squeeze and Tangerine Dream are not real. They exist in the gardens of iris growers who invent fancy names to describe the blooms of these iridescent perennials. The 65 irises listed in the above Christmas montage are each distinguishable by bold letters.

Merry Christmas.

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