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Canada Blooms Flower and Garden Festival 2022

...delayed until 2023
by Canada Blooms
October 17, 2021

After lots of thought and planning, we have decided to wait a little longer for the next Canada Blooms Flower and Garden Festival.

We are thrilled the government has finally eased up on a number of restrictions that will allow events to open up again, as we have all been missing the fun that shows and events provide. But many of Canada Blooms participants and visitors are just not comfortable in large crowds yet. The thought of visitors being limited to certain times, long lineups at the gardens or Toronto Flower Show, presentations with many constraints; feels like the enjoyment would also be limited ...and this is just not the feel we want for the Canada Blooms Festival.

We, like you, are so very disappointed, we have been planning our big 25th Anniversary party for two years now and we have to wait another year -- again. We miss all of you! We miss all of our partners, garden builders, floral artists, exhibitors and especially the over 800 volunteers that join us every year. But, there is no sense having a celebration if it can't be done right.

So let's do it right. We will wait one more year and plan for the 25th Canada Blooms Festival taking place in 2023.

Oh by the way, there is some changes coming. So stay tuned because we will have details for you in February.

  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row