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Birds Canada launches national initiative to

empower gardeners and home owners to protect birds
by Birds Canada
May 26, 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of “Gardening for Birds,” a major new conservation initiative which promotes the creation of nature-friendly gardens, benefiting birds across Canada. The website (, videos, factsheets and resources provide practical information to help Canadians from coast to coast to coast protect birds and other wildlife.

"Gardening for Birds" was developed by an expert team - Natasha Barlow and Gregor Beck of Birds Canada, and Master Gardener Kevin Kavanagh (South Coast Gardens & Consulting).

“This exciting new resource includes informative how-to videos, 22 regionally-tailored factsheets, and interactive web resources,” said Natasha Barlow, project lead for Birds Canada. “What’s unique about this online tool is that anyone can develop their own customizable list of plants which are suited to their specific region in the country. It will help people all over Canada learn how they can re-create wildlife habitat, and be a part of conserving birds at home.”

Birds Canada’s new “Gardening for Birds” resource includes a searchable database of 500 native plants.

Gardeners and anyone interested in helping birds and wildlife can learn what species of plants are best suited to their specific area and to local conditions, such as light, soil and moisture availability. An advanced search feature lets the user focus in on specific interests, such as pollinator plants for hummingbirds and butterflies, or cone-bearing trees for finches and other wildlife.

“As a national conservation organization, we are very excited to launch this new Canada-wide initiative that provides practical information on how to help birds,” noted Gregor Beck, Ontario and Boreal conservation Project director for Birds Canada.

“Our Gardening for Birds initiative is all about empowering people to get involved – and get their hands dirty – in local conservation efforts. Even small-scale efforts in small urban spaces can attract and benefit local and migratory birds.”

The project has been envisioned as a way to engage people in tangible conservation efforts. The videos, factsheets, and website provide information helpful to a novice gardener, but with a database of 500 plants (and growing) it provides detailed and supplemental information to help advanced gardeners, too.

“It is both humbling and rewarding to witness the explosion of life that quickly finds gardens filled with native plants,” observed gardening and conservation consultant, Kevin Kavanagh. “Gardeners can play a big role in creating important natural habitats through careful plant selections and installation of other features, such as water baths and nesting habitat. These garden oases help nature and bring colour, sound and enjoyment to homeowners and gardeners.”

Birds Canada is Canada’s leading national charitable organization dedicated to bird science and conservation. Birds Canada gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. ( for the Gardening for Birds initiative.

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