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4 Tips for Killing Yard Weeds Naturally
by Sheikh Hazaifa
March 31, 2021

If you are trying to maintain a beautiful front yard but cannot do it because of the stubborn weeds, you have stumbled on the right blog.

Everyone wants their front yard garden to look healthy and beautiful, but the uninvited weeds can make the garden maintenance challenging.

Weeds rob your plants of nutrients essential for their growth which is why getting rid of them is important.

There are so many chemicals out there that can help you get rid of the garden weeds, but most of them are pretty harmful. Those chemicals can help you kill all the weeds, but they will end up creating other problems.

However, there are ways in which you can get rid of the weeds without damaging your garden. In this article, I have mention some simple tips for killing yard weeds naturally. Let’s take a look:

Using newspaper is a great way of rooting out weeds and preventing them from growing again. By covering the soil with newspaper, you can block the sunlight and oxygen from reaching the weed rooted in the soil, and it will die gradually.

All you need to do is create a sheet of thick newspapers (about ten layers) and spread it on the soil. Wet the newspapers to hold them down and cover it with mulch. Leave it there for a few days, and it will kill the weeds for good.

Organic Weed Killers

One of the easiest ways of killing weeds without destroying your garden is to use organic weed killers instead of dangerous chemicals.

There are a lot of weed killer products out there that are made from natural ingredients and can help you keep your garden healthy. These products don’t damage the plant growth or soil of your garden and are virtually harmless.

If you are wondering what products you can use for your front yard, then you can check natural weed killer at Contact Organics. All these products are safe and easy to use.

Use Vinegar

Another way of killing weeds is to use vinegar as it acts as a great absorber. The acetic acid present in the vinegar can suck the life out of the weeds, leaving them dead. It is most effective on the weeds that are in the early stages of growth and destroys them from the root.

However, it is recommended that you use the vinegar carefully on the weeds because if you spill it on other plants, it will damage them. The best way to use vinegar is to put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the patches where the weed is growing.

Boiling Water

If you want to resort to a simpler natural way, then you can simply boil some water and pour it on the patches where weeds are growing. After you have made your tea, you can simply take the kettle out and pour the extra hot water around your plants.

The water cleans the surface of the soil and destroys the weed growing on it, and by the time it reaches the roots of your plants, it has already cooled down.

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