How to Prepare for Your First International Garden Show
by Carol Trehearn
October 29, 2020

International garden shows can be incredibly exciting for participants, combining the joy of gardening with the magic of travel. However, traveling to your first international garden show can also give you many extra pointers to add to your to-do list. This can make the whole experience overwhelming for beginners.

To make your first international garden show a success, read on.

Consider What You Will Pack

Packing is the bane of every traveler’s life, not least for gardeners, who have to consider both their personal needs and the project you are working on. Then, to prepare adequately, you must consider what you will pack many weeks before you go. This may even influence the type of work that you present at the garden show in question. However, by using a travel pack planner, you will be able to fill your suitcase with essentials that will ensure that your trip can be as relaxing as possible. Check out Cash Lady’s travel packs here.

Research Restrictions on Luggage

Many restrictions dominate what you can and cannot travel abroad with, particularly if you plan to travel light using a piece of hand luggage only option. Whether you need to take sharp equipment with you, or if you need to take plants and seedlings, you must look at the rules and regulations that may influence what you will be able to do on your trip. If you are unable to take the products you need, you should research garden centers where you will be able to buy what you need while traveling.

Look at the Show Rules

However, it is not only the rules of airlines and immigration that will influence your project, though, and you should also check the show’s rules before you travel. This will prevent you from being disqualified for something that could have been completely avoidable and will ensure that you stand as much chance of winning one of the best annual gardening shows than other entrants who are entering within their home country. If you plan to travel as a spectator, you should also find a map of the different displays to make sure that you do not miss a stall that you were excited about or interested in.

Start Developing Your Idea

Before you travel, though, you need to start developing an idea for your entry. This will enable you to practice as much as possible before you arrive and make sure that nothing unexpected occurs when you are away from home, which could hamper your love of gardening.

Make Connections with Others

Traveling abroad can be daunting at the best of times, but no less when you are doing so to enter or watch a competition by yourself. Then, to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed by your travel experience, you should make connections with other attendants on social media or within gardening groups, which you can find the best at GrowVeg. This can then help you get off to a flying start when networking and meeting like-minded people as soon as you land.

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