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6 Gardening Tips for Summer
by Joniel Suezo
August 14, 2020

Taking care of your outdoor yard is a chore for some, but for others it is a hobby that they love and enjoy. Having a beautiful front and back yard will play a huge part in how people perceive your home. Having a messy front yard can dampen the appearance of your home and having an untidy back yard can make it an unpleasant space to spend your time in. It can also be embarrassing to show to guests.

Spending time outdoors to relax and socialize with loved ones is good for the mind, body and soul, especially during the warm summer months. However, the heat can put pressure on your outdoor areas and extra care is required to keep it healthy, so today, we will be looking into 6 gardening tips for summer.

Mow the Grass

Mowing the grass is important for maintaining the appearance of your front and back yard; however, instead of mowing it short and irregularly, you should mow it often on a higher setting. Keeping your grass longer will provide the soil with some shade, which will stop it from drying out and killing your lawn. You should also leave the cuttings on the grass, as they will act as a moisture-retaining mulch.

Water Plants Wisely

Watering your plants and your lawn at least once a day throughout the summer months is essential, especially if you live in an area that experiences low rainfall and high temperatures. When you water your yard, make sure you do it at the correct times, which are early mornings and late evenings. The air temperature will be lower at these times, which means more water will be absorbed into the soil.

Get a Sprinkler

Many people watch their plants and grass dry out over the summer because they simply forget or they do not have the time or energy to spend watering their front and back yard. This is where a sprinkler comes in. Having a sprinkler or installing a timed irrigation system will save you a lot of time, hassle and potentially money when watering your plants while keeping them watered and healthy.

Don’t Avoid Mulching

Mulch is made up of organic materials and comes in many forms. You can create mulch yourself by composting or you can purchase it. We mentioned leaving grass clippings on your lawn, as this acts as a mulch. When it comes to protecting your plants, then you should choose a well-composted mulch to deposit in your borders. This will provide a crucial barrier, which will keep the soil cool and moist.

Create Some Shade

Creating shade in your garden is important for you and your guests, as well as your plants. You can do so by adding patio umbrellas, gazebos and canopies to sit under and to shade some of your plants. You should try to strategically place these shading tools to protect plants that you know are sensitive to heat. For flowerbeds, you should look into planting trees and shrubs nearby to create natural shade.

Look After Yourself

You need to look after yourself when gardening in the summer. This includes wearing sun protection in the form of caps, sunglasses, and sunblock. You should stay well-hydrated and take regular breaks when being physical in the heat. You should also rest well. To prevent back pain and aches, you should look into the best mattresses with memory foam to support your body after a long day gardening.

Gardening in the summer is not always easy, especially if you struggle with the heat yourself. However, doing it the right way can be therapeutic and extremely rewarding, especially when others start to notice your hard work paying off.

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