5 Plants That Are Great for the Bedroom
by Joniel Suezo
May 9, 2021

Bringing the outside, inside, is one of the fastest-growing trends in interior design. Your bedroom is the perfect spot to experiment with this brilliant design idea, and the right plants can even help you get a better night’s sleep.

Here is our quick guide to five of the best bedroom plants that you can use to bring some nature and some color into your bedroom.

For Help Getting to Sleep - Valerian

The Valerian plant has beautiful, small pink and white flowers that have a unique, sweet scent. The plant and its scent have been used for centuries to help treat many kinds of sleep problems. Breathing in the scent of Valerian plants has been proven to help induce sleep and improve the quality of the sleep you get. The plants need a lot of sunlight, so you will need to keep them on a windowsill during the day, but then you can move them closer to your bed at night to get the full effect of the scent.

To Get a Deeper Sleep - Lavender

The scent of Lavender has long been recognized as a relaxing scent and is used in a number of sleep aids, like pillows and creams. Clinical studies have shown that the scent of Lavender can lower blood pressure and the heart rate, and help lower stress levels. This makes it a perfect plant to keep in your bedroom. To get the best sleep, you should also sleep on a high-quality mattress, and there are some excellent options available online.

To Help You Relax - Jasmine

Jasmine is a pretty plant with small white flowers, and its sweet scent is often used in products aimed at relaxation. The smell of fresh jasmine is known to reduce anxiety levels as well as improve the quality of sleep. Jasmine is a low maintenance plant too; it needs nothing more than regular sunlight and watering. They are a beautiful plant and a perfect partner for Valerian.

To Cleanse the Air – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been valued for millennia for its healing and soothing properties, and so an Aloe Vera plant is an asset to any home. It produces most of its oxygen at night, so it is great for improving the air quality in your bedroom while you sleep. The plant needs very little water; it maintains its own moisture in its leaves as a ‘succulent’ gel. This gel can be used to treat cuts, bruises, and skin inflammations, making it a great plant to have in the home. It needs plenty of sunlight, however, so make sure you keep it in a spot that gets sunshine all day.

To Increase Humidity – Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are such good air cleaners and humidifiers, they were studied by NASA for use in space stations and Lunar and Martian bases. The Peace Lily uses very little water, only needing a small watering once a week, and still manages to increase the humidity in a room by as much as five percent. Humid air is much better for sleeping, as low humidity air dries the skin and hair and increases your susceptibility to coughs and colds.

Plants are more than just something pretty to look at; they have properties that can help you in all kinds of ways, and all plants reduce indoor pollutants and even the levels of chemicals that can be found in the average home, like formaldehyde and benzene from paints and materials commonly used in furniture. You should have plants in your home to help improve the air quality, and plants like these in the bedroom give you the added benefit of a better and more comfortable night’s sleep.

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