Creating A Beautiful Garden On A Tiny Budget
by Pete McAllister
March 25, 2020

There are simply so many reasons having a beautiful garden will benefit your life, and whether you are hoping to garden for your health and create a beautiful garden to take advantage of incredible health benefits, or you are simply after a peaceful outdoor place where you can relax and unwind, your budget does not have to limit your creativity when it comes to gardening.

Regardless of how small your budget is, you can create beautiful DIY planters, spend where it matters, and grow plants and flowers from trimmings without harming existing plant life in the process. The following money-savvy approaches will help you create a breathtaking outdoor sanctuary without having to spend much at all.

Pick A Centrepiece

Before you get started pulling weeds and rearranging flower beds, you should select a centrepiece, such as an outdoor water fountain. The sounds of flowing water are so incredibly soothing that many homeowners incorporate indoor water fountains to take advantage of the benefits for overall health and a notable increase in calm and relaxation. This will be the one item you should spend on, as it will have a massive impact on the visual appeal, functionality, and atmosphere of your garden when your project is completed. A water fountain will add elegance and charm even to the smallest of spaces, and when considering there are several different styles and sizes available on the market, no garden is too small for a soothing water fountain.

Although, in the event that your garden is quite small, it would be wise to consider the water fountain a centrepiece while placing it in a corner or against a smaller wall to ensure it does not eat up too much of your ground space.

Do It Yourself

DIY is a great way to save money and unlike home DIY projects that require an assortment f power tools and skills, outdoor DIY is not the trickiest project. Therefore, you will be able to add beauty to your yard without the help of pricey professionals as you can create pebble walkways and pot planter without having to spend a small fortune. There are tons of tutorials online that explain how to craft a creative pot planter using no more than two buckets or an assortment of bowls, some cement, and paint. You can also use your creative flair to consider creating a few wooden planter boxes and suspending them on your garden walls to build a vertical garden. This idea is perfectly suitable for even the tiniest gardens as your ground space will not be affected by plants and flowers and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of nature even if you live in a rental property as you will be able to take your wooden planter boxes with you where-ever you go.

Recycle Furniture

If our garden is quite a bit larger than an apartment yard, you may be wondering how you can accommodate patio furniture without breaking the bank. By repurposing old furniture, such as unfashionable brown furniture crafted from wood, you will be able to furnish your garden without spending a lot. If you don’t have such furniture that can be repurposed into outdoor furniture with a coat of paint or even just a coat of varnish, you will be able to find ample affordable items like this in salvage stores. The effort will be well worth the small spend and you should focus on finding wooden furniture that is still stable without considering how appealing the choice seems. You will be able to sand, repaint, and varnish these furniture items into beautiful outdoor items that will enhance the functionality of your yard.

Focus On Maintenance

All the hard work you put into creating a beautiful garden can quickly be undone without ongoing maintenance. This is, unfortunately, one of the easiest and fastest ways to find yourself with a tatty, overgrown yard. Rather than pushing of maintenance such as lawn mowing, raking leaves, trimming bushes and shrubs, and pulling weeds, you should be making the effort o keep your garden neat and tidy at least once each week. You will also need to water your plants and flowers every few days to ensure they are thriving. You should invest in a few quality gardening tools that will help your maintenance be as simple as possible.

However, there is still no reason to go overboard and overspend as many gardening tools can boast varied uses. Therefore, a basic quality garden tool kit will be sufficient for ongoing maintenance.

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