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Tips for Sprucing Up The Garden of Your Rental Home
by Olivia Hanlon
March 24, 2020

As a tenant living in a rental home, you may find you can't do everything you want to it. Decorating is minimal as it's essential that landlords keep their property as universal as possible without having the personal taste of one tenant who may move out in a year or two. As someone living in a home, you want to ensure there is enough of your personality added to the space you're spending all your time, but this isn't always possible.

However, your garden is somewhere you can spruce up within a budget, and without breaking your rental contract. Just be sure to check out your contract before doing anything to your home and garden to ensure you're not breaking the rules.

Below is a list of tips to help you spruce up the garden of your rental home, to make it feel more comfortable and bright with flowers and furniture! Be sure to add your own personal touch to these tips and make the most of decorating/sprucing up your garden while you can. Especially since the summer months aren’t too far away!

Add flowers

Planting seeds before the summer season is the best way to ensure you have beautiful flowers and plants sprouting in your garden when the hot days arrive. Flowers can add something a little different to any space, especially gardens that are a bit smaller or don't have much greenery going on. Take plant pots and put them into the ground, or even add planters to your fences; before you know it, you'll have a perfect summer spot for BBQs and friendly hangouts. Daises and Sunflowers are popular summer favourites for those who appreciate gardening and making the most of outside space.

Make the most of garden furniture

As the summer months approach, more people will start taking advantage of spending time outdoors. Garden furniture can look modern and sleek as well as provide you with somewhere to hang out during the hot days. If you don't actually have your own garden, it may be that you have a communal garden like the ones in properties such as Sky and Crosby Gardens from RWinvest. Communal gardens often have countless pieces of garden furniture, from picnic tables to giant seats and endless flowers/plants. Perhaps if you need some inspiration, you should look towards the communal and public gardens in your local area to help you decide what will suit your space. Try to keep your garden furniture consistent with each other, almost like a set! In fact, if you can purchase a set, then we would definitely recommend it.

Try artificial grass

Depending on your rental contract, you may be able to try artificial grass in your rental home's garden. With prior consent from your landlord, you will be able to fit and install beautiful artificial grass. Adding artificial grass is long-lasting and ensures your grass stays looking great all year round. There are pet-friendly types too, so you don't have to worry about your little dog or cat digging up any mud or grass. The many ecological benefits of artificial grass outweigh any reasons not to get it, so provided it's not against any rules. You should try it out!

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