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Pampas grass enlivens any garden
by iVerde
March 8, 2020

Pampas grass enlivens any garden Do you love gardens with a natural look? Or do you prefer a garden with a sleek contemporary look? Either way, pampas grass would be a good idea. This robust but graceful ornamental grass provides movement in the garden all year round. You can even dry its plumes to make a beautiful arrangement in a vase.

Choosing ornamental grasses

Large ornamental grasses, especially pampas grass (Cortaderia) make a real focal point. This evergreen ornamental grass can easily reach a height of 10 feet. But there’s also a shorter variety: Cortaderia selloana ‘Pumila’, usually grows to only five feet tall. At the end of summer, its characteristic silvery white to creamy plumes appear.

Gardens with a natural look

Pampas grass is just the plant for this kind of garden. This tall ornamental grass is always swaying; its movement adds life to a garden. It also encourages biodiversity. During the winter, small insects find refuge beneath the plant. When spring comes, birds pluck at the plumes to use as nesting material. So: even more life in your garden!

Contemporary gardens

Pampas grass is a must for the contemporary garden. This graceful plant softens the hard contours used to design this kind of garden and gives it a more inviting look. It’s also frequently used as a specimen plant: it makes a real eye-catcher in this solo role. Have you got plenty of room? If so, create a real impression by planting several tussocks as a group.

Drying pampas grass

If you google ‘pampas grass’, you’ll quickly see that using their dried plumes in a vase is a major trend. It’s also easy to dry them. Just pick a few nice ones (wear gloves to protect yourself from the sharp edges of their leaves) and place them casually in a vase where the air will dry them. With just a little floral arranging experience, you could also use them to create a floral cloud. Absolutely gorgeous!

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