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Your Big Renovation: How to plan for a smooth project
by John Liverstone
January 24, 2020

If you haven't heard the news, renovations are seemingly on everyone's mind right now. In fact, some sources are even suggesting that they are overtaking house sales. In other words, people are preferring to "do up" their home, rather than make a move.

However, as anyone who has undertaken such a project will testify, it's far from easy. Sure, you can outsource absolutely everything and have the very best team on the job, but it will still wreak havoc with your life. Bearing this in mind, if you fall into said category, we have penned today's post to help you look at some of the ways you can simplify your renovation project and make it a bit easier on your life.

Beware of the dust factor

As you will soon find out, there are few things that are certain in a renovation project, but something that falls into this category is the sheer amount of dust that you are about to generate.

You might be renovating your living room, but trust us, your bedrooms at the opposite side of your home will be infiltrated with dust as well.

What can you do? Play your part in investing in as many dust sheets as possible, while also consider storing your valuables and other precious items somewhere in the short-term. Safestore have various storage options which can work in this regard, and we would seriously urge you to consider something along these lines.

Getting a new kitchen? Extra steps are required.

In truth, a completely new post about kitchens could be penned. This is a different beast in itself, for the simple fact that this tends to be the hub of the modern-day home.

The main issue with kitchen renovations is the loss of cooking space. How do you feed yourself and your family now? This should be the main question on the tip of your tongue, and whether it's by freezing meals well in advance, or just relying on portable cooking equipment, make sure you think about this before getting to work with the project.

Avoid strict deadlines

You have your heart set on eating Christmas dinner with the family in your new dining room, but try to avoid such hard deadlines. Sure, every project needs an end-point, but you can also invite too much pressure onto yourselves. If you are adamant that it is going to be finished for a particular occasion, this is asking for trouble. You will make hasty decisions, which might compromise both the project and your costs.

Go into detail with your budget

We've touched on all of the surprises that tend to impact these projects, and your budget unfortunately falls into this category. We will always want a project that slightly undercuts our initial budget, and this is why going into extra-detail is so important.

For example, kitchen handles might seem like a tiny cost, but if you are opting for one of the modern touch options it can mean that you need completely new cupboards. The result? A huge increase in cost.

Then, there is the contingency. In every case, make sure you have one of these, as we have never come over a project which hasn't come across an obstacle that has rendered its initial costing useless.

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