The Benefits of Having A Garden Room
by Cormac Reynolds
November 20, 2019

More companies are warming to the idea of introducing flexible working hours and they are allowing their workers to work from their homes. This make sense because people tend to be happier with working from home. Not only that, but companies are able to save money in several ways and people are able to work around their schedule. This is why it's especially appealing to those with young kids.

This is also the reason why garden office buildings are increasing in popularity. Garden offices allow you to have extra space and a quite place to get work done. With that said, here's a few benefits of having a garden office:

No Commuting Generally speaking, it takes workers an average of an hour and fifteen minutes each way. This adds up to over 10,000 hours over the length of a career, and it means spending a lot of time in a car or on a train. A garden office means getting out of bed and going straight to the office, even in your pyjamas.

Save Cash You can spend a lot of cash travelling back and forth to work. This is another reason to get a garden office. In fact, you'll save on gas and small things like coffees and lunches.

Spend More Time With Family When you work away, then you don't get home right away and this means spending even less time with your loved ones. Quality time spent with your kids may be missed, such as story time or bath time. With a garden office, you finish work at 5pm and back inside the house within a minute or two, and you have all that extra time with family.

Customization Being stuck behind a cubicle desk can cause you to get in a funk. Thanks to garden offices, you have a lot more freedom to customize your surroundings. You are in full control of everything from the chairs you use to the colors of the walls and everything else for that matter.

Professional Look Instead of using your desk in your bedroom or the kitchen table, you'll look more professional. A garden office is far more professional looking. You'll actually enjoy conducting meetings in a garden office.

Separate Space It's nice to have a space to get work done and to have space to go to where you can switch off and enjoy the rest of the day. When the office is inside the house, it's too tempting to turn the computer on and get things done, all while time ticks by fast. Before you know it, it's late into the evening and you spent no time with the family.

A garden office means you have to actually leave the house. You'll have less temptation to deal with when you have a garden office. Once your work is done, then you simply leave the office and walk back into the house.

Eco Friendly You'll reduce your carbon footprint when you have a garden office. This is because you won't spend much time using your car to get to and from work. Plus, you won't be using a lot of electricity to heat up your space.

Hours Are Flexible When you're a freelancer, you can be as flexible with your hours as you want. Working around commitments is easier too and if you need stuff done around the house, such as plumbing work, you'll be there to let the experts in. Also, if packages are to be delivered, you'll be right there to ensure you receive them. A garden office gives you complete freedom over hours.

No Politics & Improved Value To Property You won't deal with office politics. This means being able to focus solely on your work. We all know how stressful politics in the office can be

Also, your property value will improve. In fact, it may improve as much as seven-percent. This means it's a good investment to make. Convinced? You can find garden buildings here.

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