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Wood Glue! Perfect for DIY Garden Projects and Repairs
by Benjamin Strušnik
October 31, 2019

Garden projects are fun and exciting and improve the quality of life.

Perfecting your garden to just how you like it involves plenty of planting, pruning and building. Here, you can let your creativity shine. If you are planning to start a new garden project or want to do some repairs, wood glue will become your new best friend.

DIY Garden Projects and Repairs

To bring your garden to life with a project, it is a good idea to make a plan. This will give your project direction, and you can break this down into stages. This will let you budget more effectively and see results faster.

This may sound a bit rigid but making changes as creativity strikes is easy, especially as most of the time, this will take the form of aesthetics. To help you in your garden endeavours a good wood glue is essential. There is a range of adhesives available for different projects.

Ensuring you get the right glue for the job is essential. Your glue should be:

• Waterproof – Especially if you live in a wet climate or repairing something that holds water such as a pipe.

• Paintable and sandable – Unless you want your glue to dry yellow or white, being able to sand off the excess and then paint over it is essential.

• Resistant to cold and hot weather – Again this is essential, especially if you live somewhere that has an extreme climate.

• The right glue – Some wood glues are designed for specific jobs with varying degrees of strength. For bigger, bolder garden construction projects, you want a more robust, heavy-duty glue. For minor garden repairs, you will want a quick drying wood glue that is easily applied. You also need a glue that works with the materials involved. Wood to concrete, for example.

Once you have your plan, you can purchase the materials for your project and get creative.

DIY Garden Repairs

The ingenious thing about wood glue is that it can be used to make fast and easy repairs. Consider:

Mending a Fence – Often fences can be mended using a decent glue. Fences are prone to storm damage among other things and wear with age. A good application of glue can fix a crack or broken part of the fence quite easily.

Reinforcing Joints – If you're fixing a wooden structure such as a porch, a good adhesive can secure parts of it as you carry out a repair. The addition of glue can often provide the strength needed to make the joint more secure.

Outbuildings – If your outbuilding needs repair, glue can often handle the job. The trick is to get the right one. If you are repairing something vital, say a roof, use the strongest glue you can find. If it is something cosmetic, then you can probably use a glue that is a little less intense.

Gardens are wonderful spaces to spend time, and with a little planning, you can make your garden space welcoming, appealing, and beautiful. Ensure you have your trusty wood glue to help bring your Garden DIY projects to life.

It is also handy for repairs.

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