1. Timely Fall Tasks

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The Top 5 Autumn Gardening Tasks to Keep It Tidy
by Stephen Davies
October 30, 2019

Now that late autumn has officially arrived, it’s time to prepare for the cold months ahead. That means tidying up your garden while you still have time. If you’ve been putting off this essential task, time is running out. Here are the top things you need to do right now before it freezes outside.

1. Take care of your lawn one last time

Set your mower blades in the highest position and give your lawn a final mow before the change of seasons. Since grass goes dormant in cold weather, you won’t need to worry about this task for a while. Make sure you mow while the grass is quite dry, so it’s easy to pick up any fallen leaves to compost.

You should also consider aerating your lawn right now. Use a garden fork to do this. A well-aerated lawn drains better. Pay close attention to any areas of compacted soil. A properly aerated lawn has a better chance of surviving the winter.

2. Sweep up fallen leaves from paths

It’s important to remove any dead leaves and weeds from your walking paths during late autumn. You may have an abundance of fallen leaves to rake. Don’t put off this task. If you ignore these leaves, unwanted creatures can build nests in them. Instead, rake and compost the leaves to provide nutrition to your garden.

3. Take care of your plants

Some plants can survive a winter freeze, but many prefer the heat. If you have any potted houseplants living outside, be sure to bring them back indoors. Remove dead leaves and check for slugs before moving any pots. To avoid a temperature shock, move your potted plants over a period of time.

If you have tender perennials, shrubs, or fruit trees, they may not be able to survive the winter without your help. While it’s still autumn, begin to wrap and cover your tender plants with fleece, newspaper, or mesh. Add a thick layer of mulch to your garden to prevent the roots from drying out when it gets colder.

4. Tidy borders

Overgrown borders are an eyesore. You need to spend your time tidying the borders unless you want a huge project when spring arrives. Begin by pulling any dead leaves from your perennials. If you notice weeds popping up, pull them now.

You can use many of your clippings to fertilise your garden. Covering the ground with a layer of compost will ensure your garden has enough nutrients to survive the cold season ahead.

5. Think ahead for spring

Although it may seem like an eternity, spring isn’t that far away. Late autumn is the ideal time to plant many of your favourite spring flowering bulbs. If you want to enjoy a colourful garden in March, you need to plant your daffodils now! When the weather gets warmer, your bulbs will flower right on time.

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