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Kitchen Renovating 101
by Stephen Marshall
October 27, 2019

If you’re determined to do some changes in your old kitchen you should at first establish a wise plan. Don’t just jump in with a sledgehammer but start to notice your necessities and what your family needs the most in your kitchen. You newly decorated kitchen should be a warm place for everyone at the gatherings. Start by establishing a budget and be aware of the amount of space you wish to improve. Gather a few ideas and styles you’ve found or go ask around people that have recently renovate their kitchens. It is important to find what might spark your curiosity and transform your kitchen the much-desired cosy place so your family could enjoy. Frequently, a newly renovated kitchen can modify the ambience in the entire home. As the Italians tend to say, the kitchen is the heart of the house, and a carefully planned renovation should do the job. Sometimes remodeling your kitchen is simpler than you think if you’re choosing the right appliances.

Ask the experts or pay a visit to the nearest store if you don’t know where to start. Here are a few essential things you should take in consideration if you wish to keep your kitchen the most popular room:

Find the right appliances It’s the perfect time for you to replace the old plumbing system so be prepared for some mess. Be aware of your necessities and space you allocate for the new sink. Wesley Ward, Head of Marketing at Hausera told us that based on their 2019 consumer survey, "64% of homeowners said they plan to renovate kitchens, bathrooms or/and laundry rooms in the next two years." The experts highly recommend to make the correct measurements of the kitchen before starting your projects. Find what are most suited appliances by making short research on the internet or visit as many stores as you can. In this way, you’ll build an image of how to do it and what you need the most. Your kitchen appliances should be a priority when you start renovating and that’s where you should start.

Countertops Finding the perfect countertop for your kitchen is a huge decision. That’s why planning your budget earlier will save you from a lot of nuisance. The materials you choose to incorporate in your kitchen are significant for the entire ambience. Find which type of wood or stone suits with your surroundings and set free your imagination. You could use any type of recycled or salvaged wood you have, an old barn door of oak or maple nicely painted should be perfect. Don’t forget that unlike other solid surfaces, wood requires higher maintenance.

Cabinets You should consider the importance of your storage space in your kitchen and start looking for sizes and shapes that suit your family’s personal needs. Decide between styles and see what you enjoy the most. Maybe you want your kitchen to maintain a modern or rustic charm and you’ve already saved some ideas. Let your family choose their favourite colours and decorate together for a more personal touch. You have plenty of styles to choose from to achieve your dream kitchen.

Planning your kitchen renovation should not be a hassle but rather an amazing experience to share with your kids. Kids usually have a great imagination, so next time when you’re in doubts with what colours or materials fit the best in your kitchen you should consider their opinion.

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