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How To Keep Deer Out of Your Garden with a Deer Fence
by Deer Fence
September 16, 2019

Deer are majestic creatures. These animals are considered as keystone species in every forest across the globe. But on the other hand, deer can also become dangerous as they carry bacteria that can cause illnesses. Deer can also trample on your lawn, causing damage to your property as well. These are just some of the reasons why you should invest in a deer fence to keep deer out of your garden.

There are a lot of ways to keep deer out of your garden but, by far, using a deer fence is one of the easiest. You just need to make a purchase one time and let the deer fence do its work. To paint a clearer picture, here’s how a deer fence can keep deer out of your garden:

  1. It Interferes With The Deer’s Ability To Smell

    In case you don’t know, deer use their noses in order to investigate. Whenever they roam around a new area, they will use their noses to check if the place is conducive for their habitat. Deer will also use their noses when they’re hunting for food or when they’re looking for mates. And when they arrive in your neighborhood, expect that they will also do the same: they will use their sense of smell to check if a certain area in your property is worth living or housing a family. A deer fence interferes with the deer’s ability to smell, shooing them away from your property.

    Deer fences usually release a sweet smell in order to entice any deer nearby. The deer fence will then release an electric shock the moment a deer touches it with its nose or tongue. This electric shock will become the reason why deer will no longer think about getting inside your garden and property.

  2. Deer Will Remember The Experience For A Long Time

    Whenever human beings are hurt, they will make sure that they avoid being in the same situation. If they were injured from running too fast, they would run a little slower next time. If eating too many sweets caused their stomachs to go bad, they will likely lessen the desserts they eat every after meal. The same notion is also true when it comes to deer. Whenever they are hurt, they will remember the experience and would avoid getting hurt again. Since these deer will receive an electric shock when they come in contact with the deer fence, they will do everything to avoid your garden. They will look for other areas to search for food, and cross your property off from their list. Deer are smart animals—they don’t like to be hurt in any way.

  3. Deer Are Herd Animals, And They Share The Experience

    Deer live and travel in groups. Deer need other deer in order to mate and to survive. This makes them herd animals, which is why it’ll be hard for you to find a deer who is living on its own. Because of this nature, whenever a single deer is startled due to the electric current given by a deer fence, the deer living or traveling with it will be startled as well. An experience of a single deer will be shared with the other deer in the herd. When one deer is reluctant to return in your garden because of the electric shock they experienced from your deer fence, other deer will also be scared to enter.

    If a single doe came in contact with your deer fence and was hurt because of the experience, the fawns who are dependent on her will learn from this experience and will also try to avoid the area.

  4. It Makes Deer Redefine Their Living Area

    Deer live in an area that they are already familiar with. After knowing that an area is safe, they will stay in this area for long and start building a herd there. They will continue living in this area for the rest of their lives. Deer are creatures of habit, which means that whenever they are shocked by a deer fence, they will immediately redefine their living area and change the paths they will usually travel. They will look for safer areas to avoid being shocked again by your deer fence.

Always Consider Quality

If you have had problems keeping deer out of your garden, a deer fence might be the only solution you need. Start scouting for suppliers who sell this product and buy one as soon as possible. Make sure that you’re buying a deer fence that is made from high-quality and durable materials for you to make use of your investment for the longest time possible.

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