Symposium Preview: Planting Hope & Harvesting Dreams
by AIB America in Bloom
August 19, 2019

Horticulture – flowers, plants, trees – contributes many benefits to people and places. Through real-life examples from AIB participants, Linda Cromer will share how horticulture heals and empowers individuals and communities.

Cromer is one of the featured speakers at this year's AIB Symposium & Awards Celebration, October 3-5 in St. Charles, Illinois. The symposium features an exceptional line-up of educational sessions, presenters, tours, and time to network and share successes and best practices has been planned, with awards presented throughout the symposium to celebrate and recognize the transformative work being done in AIB communities across the country.

The host city of St. Charles sits astride the beautiful Fox River, a wondrous natural resource that drew the city’s first residents - Illinois' indigenous people - to the valley thousands of years ago. It was also the mighty Fox River that attracted early settlers who relied on the river as a source of power and transportation. The stories of these bygone days are alive and well today, thanks to a culture that honors the past while taking great strides toward the future.

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