How To Maintain Your Lawnmower In Winter And Spring
by Sarah Bailey
August 15, 2019

One of the first things that people notice about a property is how it’s been maintained. For this reason, people regularly use their lawnmower during the summer months. However, what should you do during winter, when the grass doesn’t grow? There are different types of lawn mowers, so we’ll talk about each type separately. Let’s look at how you can take care of your lawnmower during this period.

Petrol Mowers

Let’s start by looking at the traditional petrol mower. First, you should remove fuel from the mower. If left in over winter, it might clog up the mower, making it difficult to start again. To remove the fuel, add fuel stabilizer. Then, turn on the mower. This will mix the stabilizer with the rest of the fuel. Once the mower has cooled, siphon the gas into a container. Next, remove the spark plug from the mower. This will ensure that it’s safe for you to perform the rest of the maintenance activities.

Once the mower is safe, you should remove the blade, this will make it easier for you to change the oil on a ride-on mower. It will also allow you to sharpen the blade, so the mower works efficiently next season. You should also drain the oil and make sure that the mower deck is clean. Finally, change the air filter. When this is complete, you will be able to store the mower, knowing that it will start easily during the summer months. Finish by putting the mower under a tarp. This will protect it from temperature changes and keep animals from damaging it.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Many people also have electric cordless mowers. These devices have become increasingly popular for being quieter than a petrol mower. When storing your cordless lawn mower during the winter, make sure that you remove the batteries. This prevents them from getting damaged by temperature variations. Also, you can extend the batteries life by storing them when the battery charge is at 40 percent. Though you should check the manual when storing these batteries. For instance, some models might need you to fully charge the battery every few months. In addition, some cordless models are hybrids. Hybrid models can run on both electricity and petrol. If this is the case, make sure that you drain the fuel tanks before you store it for the winter. This will ensure that the fuel doesn’t get clogged in the engine.

During this period, you should make sure that the mower is clean when it’s stored. Any grass that’s caught in the deck will form a hard crust over the winter. This will make it difficult to remove. This is also a great time to make sure that your cordless lawn mower is running well. For example, you should tighten up the bolts and sharpen the blades. This will ensure that when you start your lawnmower again it will be ready to go. Finally, put a tarp around the mower.

Corded Lawn Mowers

The final common type of lawnmower is the corded mower. These need to be connected to power through a cord. Though they aren’t as sophisticated or convenient as cordless models, they tend to be less expensive, but this doesn’t mean that you could left it without a proper maintenance. This first thing that you need to do is remove the battery from the mower. This element can easily be damaged by the cold temperatures of the Canadian winter. Then, you need to wrap the cord securely around the mower. When doing this, avoid wrapping the cord too tightly. The pressure on the cord over a long time can cause it to fray (if this occurs, you might need to purchase a new mower). You might also want to put a plastic protector over the prongs on the cord. This will ensure that it doesn’t get damaged by animals or become bent. Finish by wrapping a tarp around the mower, preventing it from insects.


Over the colder winter months, most Canadians won’t need to use their mower, so for this reason, you should store it properly. This will ensure that it doesn’t get damaged by the cold temperatures. And If everything is done correctly, it should start easily when you want to use it over the summer. Hopefully, you now know the best way to prepare your mower for winter storage.

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