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4 Tips To Prevent Mold Growth in the Patio from AWA Environmental
by Cormac Reynolds
July 24, 2019

Many of us love spending the evening outside in the patio as we unwind. As relaxing as the experience might seem, mold growth and infestation in the patio can make your favorite relaxing spot almost inhabitable. Taking the necessary measures to prevent mold growth is the only best way to deal with this menace.

The patio is more vulnerable to mold growth. This is because most patios are left open, hence exposed to humidity, rain, and other factors that create a suitable environment for mold growth. Whatever material your patio is made of, the risk of mold growth is too high

Here are a few tips and ideas from the experts at AWA Environmental who provide mold inspection Houston on how to prevent mold growth.

1. Inspect The Patio For Damages Regularly

Segmented pieces and cracks in the patio do encourage mold growth. These cracks will promote moisture buildup creating just the perfect environment for mold growth. For this reason, it would be advisable to inspect the patio for damages at least once in a month. Any openings and cracks should be repaired/filled up immediately. The best way to fight mold growth is by creating conditions that don't favor its growth.

2. Wipe Liquids And Water Immediately From The Surface

Water and other spills in the patio should be wiped dry immediately. Wood, concrete, etc. absorb water fast enough leading to increased moisture levels within. Just a little moisture and some warmth are all molds need to grow. Mopping the spills dry reduces chances of a moisture build-up, hence making it almost impossible for mold to latch or reproduce. Whether holding a tea party or just a small family gathering, have the wet spot wiped dry immediately before the fluid can seep in the building materials.

3. Keep The Patio Clean

Leaves and other organic trash can increase moisture levels in and around the patio. Although an occasional leaf or twig might not pose a problem, heaps of leaves and other debris do. That said, it's advisable to keep the patio and its environs clean and free of such trash. Make it a habit of sweeping the patio if you start noticing leaves piling up. A pile of twigs or leaves soaks up moisture creating favorable conditions for insects, mold, and other uninvited guests.

4. Use Mold Treatment Solution To Clean The Patio

Use mold-killing substances to clean the patio with once in a while. This helps get rid of any mold that might be starting to grow. You might also want to add a protective coat of mold-resistant paint on the patio as a precaution. These come in handy in eliminating and preventing mold spores from thriving.

Most mold-killing substances on the market contain volatile organic compounds that pose a huge threat to other living organisms in the ecosystem. Going for the much safer and organic mold removal/killing options such as lemon juice or vinegar would however do the trick. You only need to ensure the solution reaches every part of the patio to eliminate/kill mold spores if any.

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