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How to Extend the Life of your Summer House Shed
by Stephen Davies
July 18, 2019

If you have a garden, you know the importance of a secure shed. However, just like the rest of your home, summer house sheds need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.

With a little bit of work, it is easy to extend the life of your summer house.

Treat the wood

While many summer house sheds come pre-treated with a base coat, this layer will wear away over time. You should add a new treatment to the wood each year. A timber treatment or wood stain will create a water-resistant layer. This layer will prevent the wood from deteriorating or rotting throughout the year. Remember, you need to treat the wood annually and more often if you notice signs of wood rot or damage.

Fill any cracks

When you first buy a shed, the wood will still have some of its natural moisture. Over time, the wood will dry out and this will cause shrinkage. You may notice cracks or grooves forming in the wood. Use a wood filler to repair the damage. Make sure the wood filler is labelled as flexible so that it will bend with the natural expansion and contraction of the shed. Filling the holes will also prevent your building from cracking further.

Seal the windows

Most summer house windows come unsealed. Remove the protective film from the glazed windows. Use a silicone beading to seal both the outside and inside of the windows. This seal will prevent water from seeping into the shed through the windows.

Inspect the roof

The felt that covers the roof may tear at some point. If it does, remove it completely and replace it with a high-grade mineral felt. You can find this at most DIY shops. Damaged felt is a leading cause of roof leaks in summer house sheds. Repair the damaged areas immediately to avoid more costly problems.

Trim the surrounding landscape

Take care that nothing in your garden rubs against your summer house. Low hanging branches may tear the felt roof, and neighbouring bushes may damage the windows. Any plants that are near the shed should be pruned regularly.

Special care for metal sheds

Although metal sheds require less regular maintenance, you still need to stay on top of repairs. If the paint begins to chip or peel, touch it up right away. Any areas where the paint wears off are prone to rust. If you do experience rust, sand the affected area to remove the rust. Treat your shed with a rust inhibitor to protect it.

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